guys need to read and respond please

Okay, say your girlfriend’s best friend told you that your girlfriend said you had a small dick and maybe it’s true. What would your girlfriend need to say to make it better? Or what would she need to do to show it? I’ll do anything. I know this is a little he-said, she-said, but it happened to me and my boyfriend’s upset. I love him so much, and I can’t remember telling her that he has a small dick. He doesn’t, I mean, not REALLY. But it’s not like it matters. It gets the job done enough, and I love him so much. He’s really self-conscious and I want to make it better soon. Please help me and fast!! :frowning:


As long as you’re puttin’ out, wouldn’t that be sufficient “proof” for him?

I am putting out, but still. I feel horrible about it. What would make her think she could say something like that?? I just don’t understand it. Maybe I’ll have to show him tomorrow just how much his dick size doesn’t matter. Hmmm… this could be fun.


What would make YOU think you should share something like that with your girlfriend?
You told her in confidence? It was a secret, right?
Well, once you TOLD someone, it was no longer a secret!!

Put yourself in his place. Would you want his guy-pals knowing about that mole on your labia? Or your third nipple? Or your knock-a-buzzard-off-a-manure-wagon morning breath? Or any other hidden thing that might embarrass you were it known by others.

What can you say to make it better?
Perhaps you’d better ask HIM that.

But I’ll let you in on something… just sexual gratification ain’t gonna be enough, I think!

Three can keep a secret, if two are dead.

“Okay, I’ll stop calling you, since you insist.”

I’ll tell you what my advice would be if your boyfriend posted here:
“Dump her and quick. You don’t need that shit in your life.” How old are you anyway? Do you really not get how inconsiderate and downright vicious that was?

While I would agree that you’ve messed up, I don’t think you’ve committed the sin against the Holy Ghost.

Understand what you did.
Stop talking to your girlfriend about anything concerning your relationship.

I have no idea whether the relationship can (or should) be saved.

For the record, there ain’t NUTTIN’ wrong with having a third nipple!

It looks like it matters to you! If you really said that about him and now he knows, what is really small is not his dick but your attitude in particular, and broken trust in general.

Young male egos are as fragile as antique crystal, despite what they may actually say/profess to the contrary. Just as your need for belonging with your girlfriend(s) by gossiping. Your teenage faux pas is normal, as is the insensitivity. In your age group, you always hurt the ones you love.

That he may still want you should tell you something. However, you broke a trust. There’s gonna be quite a bit of grovelling on your part to win back his trust.

Whatever happens will happen. Learn from it. Don’t do it again. Ever. With him, or the other boyfriends you will have later in life.

Don’t tell him that you just posted a thread telling several thousand people about his small penis.

Is it true that you said it, or true that it’s small? If you really said this, the obvious question is WHY? Why tell anybody something like that. My major piece of advice is “find some friends who you can trust that know how to keep a secret.”

I don’t think there’s anything you CAN say. Never say it again, don’t go blabbing to people about stuff like that, and be patient. In time, if you’re lucky, maybe he’ll forgive you. Then again, maybe not.

Good start.

Yeah, it’s he-said she-said, but it’s about the most hurtful thing for a guy to be told after “I’m cheating on you.” GREAT call on the choice to blab about this, especially saying it was small.

If you really didn’t say this, or don’t know how you said something that got turned into this, the first person you need to talk to after your boyfriend is the friend who said this, since she seriously breached your trust.

Err, that’s not good- you’re
still telling people he has a small penis! Stop doing it! :wink:

Now THAT’s glowing praise. I hope you think of a nicer way to say this to your boyfriend. :stuck_out_tongue:

As I said earlier, you can’t. You simply can’t. You’ve probably hurt his confidence a lot, and that takes time to heal. No quick fixes here. Be nice to your boyfriend, and consider finding better friends.

Tell him you said it to keep her away from him because all your friends think he’s hot. Tell him that saying he has a small dick is just like calling bald guys Curly. Then use your mouth in other ways.

Something along these lines might help.

Offer your friend’s blood to him in return for his forgiveness? I think that would solve both problems (angry boyfriend and blabbermouth friend).

Perhaps your friend did it because he/she is jealous of you/him. Tell them to get over it.

I think Johnny Bravo’s advice is a good idea. I mean, this is a relationship, and clearly there should be some privacy, and I don’t see much of it around at the moment…

Apologize to him.

Tell him you’ll never discuss intimate things like this with anyone else ever again.

Make good on that promise.

Accept that you screwed up and deal whatever repurcussions there are.

You may wish to be forgiven, but he may not wish to forgive you. And you’ll have to deal with that. So the best that may come of this is that it’s a learning experience for you.

Marley, you forgot “I’m pregnant.”

Anyways, to the OP:

You screwed up, kid. While Johnny Bravo’s advice is good, it really doesn’t matter since nobody knows who you are. Still, don’t tell him.

And my advice is to apologige, grovel, genuflect - do anything - but do it fast. Real fast. I reckon y’all are still, or at least were recently, in high school. That means he’s still got friends all over the area. Do something before he starts to get really pissed and tells his pals something about you.

I’m not saying that this will happen, I know I wouldn’t do it, but I’m not an average 17-year-old, and never was.

I’m not surprised about this. Girls talk. It’s pretty much all they do and all they’re good at.


Just learn not to do it again. At least not with a friend you don’t have equal of more dirt on. Think of it as blackmail.

…what DAVEWOO71 said. That and you better hope he hasn’t already told his friends that your breasts are different sizes and don’t match.