Guys: would you be willing to be a floozy?

A kept man. A himbo. A boy toy. If you could get by on nothing but your looks and your skill in bed, if you could spend you life being supported by women in exchange for sex, would you? Even if it meant being looked down upon, or considered a worthless bum by your friends and family? Or would such a lifestyle lead you to a lack of self-esteem?

I lost the looks for that career several years ago but have the requisite skill in bed. :slight_smile:

To answer the OP though, I used to think I could be happy that way, this is when I was 20-21 and thin,cute etc. (I’m gay, so it’d be a guy taking care of me) I was talking to a friend about that very subject when he correctly pointed out to me that I was entirely too independent and self-reliant to ever truly be happy that way. Blew that little fantasy right out of the water.

Short term, sure. Why not? It could be fun and interesting. I’d be a house husband.

Whoa, I think there’s a big difference between being a kept boy and being a house husband. Just my opinion. House husband implies a much more equal relationship.

I couldn’t do it. First, performance anxiety. Second, need for an equal say in the relationship. Third, I would expect it to take away much of the pleasure of sex, although devoting myself exclusively to the pleasure of the other person could be an education, I suppose…

No, it’s not for me.


You are correct. House husband does have a different connotation.

Let’s change that, shall we?

“Yeah, I could be a penis with legs attached.”

I’d bet long odds that nearly every guy asked this would say “yes” with little hesitation.

Hell yes.

Any rich ladies out there looking for one?

I wouldn’t be surprised if that was the first response. I’d expect a lot of answers to change with a little more consideration, though.

Well, that’s how I responded, at least.

I think it would depend on the woman:

  • Salma Hayek :smiley:

  • a grandmother who took her teeth out before the act … :frowning:

Ah this is true.

I’ll clarify: Hell yes, provided that she’s rich and at least a MILF-level of hotness :smiley:

On at least a couple of occassions, I thought I had a “really cool girlfriend” but it turned out I was just a booty call. I was strangely naive in that sense.

No. I would be very against being a toy.

Nope. Never. Unthinkable. (well… I assume that if I had to do that to survive, I would. But certainly not of my own volition). I desperatly need to be independant and besides there’s no way I could accept a subordinated status in a relationship.

I’d be willing to give it a try. Be a lot better than paying for it.

I don’t like being subordinate to anyone. Wouldn’t happen.

I don’t have the “attributes” to be a floozy. If given the chance, I would and could do it, not very well, but floozies fake it most of the time.

No, I’m too scared of Teh Aids.

Yes, but could you be a penis with legs attached for checks wallet $23.52?

A male version of Anna Nicole? No thanks. The true heirs would likely drag things out in court.