Ha! Sarah Palin caught using sockpuppet Facebook account

Now that’s some funny shit.

Weird how sites are about socks.

One place they are strongly encouraged, and other places it can mean an instant session with the ban-o-tron.

Kind of odd someone famous (and busy) would bother . . .

Where are they encouraged? Facebook?

Is this one of those, “Don’t really care if it’s true or not – it bashes Palin, so let’s run with it!” threads?

If it is… ok.

If there’s any interest in actually determining the truth of the charge, I’m not convinced. The e-mail address associated with the purported sock account is discovered in a leaked manuscript of a book about Palin, one that:

Not, in other words, a book by a Palin sympathizer. So why should I conclude that an e-mail address revealed in that book that’s meant to slam Palin, that’s linked to a phony Palin account is real as opposed to an effort to slam her?

So, yeah, Palin sucks, and all.

It is a vastly serious allegation, I suppose I should I have waited until warrants for IP logs were executed and made available under the FOIA before making the libelous action of a pit thread. Thank you for you diligence.

The Danish tax department uses Facebook sockpuppets to snoop on the citizens. Such that for instance if a girl has a child and is supposed to be divorced and living alone, she can receive a higher state support. But if the tax sock sees that she on her Facebook account, writes that she is in a relationship or something, then away goes her state support.

Gotcha. Don’t care if its true.

OK, carry on. Palin sucks!

Bright spot. Maybe she’ll get so self-referential that she crawls up her own ass and disappears.

Hopefully not before she takes the Pubbie presidential nomination in 2012, though.

Londover Baptist.

Did she use the account to tell Michelle Obama she has no right to tell her what to do with her own boobies?

The name isn’t very creative. If you’re going to make a fake account to praise yourself and family then don’t use any parts of your actual real name. She could have picked something like Salah Napilrami, then it would have sounded like someone Middle-Eastern liked her.

Jumped in too early righty. No one did that.

It’s good to hear you confirm this, even in that silly voice.

Sure I do. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence. This quite non-extraordinary claim, however, has enough evidence to support it, IMHO. I know your opinion will have to differ, at least in a reflexive “gotta play conservative’s advocate” way, so carry on.

So… proposed law that would redefine intentional fetal death as murder and thus require investigation of miscarriages? No big deal - no changes even worth taking the time to consider. It can all be easily hand-waved away.

Sarah Palin accused of having a sock on Facebook? Proof! I want proof! I want an investigation before I’ll even consider believing it.

So you’re saying that someone managed to create a gmail account several years ago under Palin’s name, get e-mails created under that account leaked, create a Facebook account with that e-mail address, then befriend Sarah Palin’s father on Facebook (Chuck Heath), Palin’s cousin (JD Morgan), two Palin political appointees (Jeff Wheaton, Kermit Ketchum), a member of Palin’s church (Claire Barton), and a handful of fans of her cousin’s band?

I don’t find it odd at all that someone as public as Palin would want to create an alternate Facebook account or e-mail account, and befriending people close to Palin (including her own father) give this a shit-ton of credence.

Sarah really does have too much time on her hands. You would think that she would have enough real admirers to satisfy her large ego. There are lots of people who think she is swell.

Yeah, but they probably don’t cotton to this new-fangled internetty yabob, it being a thing of the devil and all, you betcha!

That’s not at all what I said about the “fetal death” law.

But I do disagree with the “and thus would require the investigation of miscarriages” claim, and have provided numerous cites in that thread to show how this part of the claim isn’t true.

Here, I point out that the smoking gun appears to have been provided by an enemy of Palin’s. I’m not myself a Facebook users, but I was under the impression it’s easy to “friend” people. Couldn’t I “friend” Palin’s father if I wanted to? How is that evidence of the account authenticity?

We need to slow down a little bit. We want Sarah Palin to be a major player in the GOP primary race if not the nominee before destroying her credibility completely.

A friend of Palin’s wouldn’t publicize something that implies she has the maturity of a 14 year old.

With Facebook, you can only friend someone if they receive your request and accept it. All these folks in Palin’s inner circle would have had to accept the friend request. Not impossible, many folks don’t pay much attention to it, but for this many to accept, I’m leaning towards the idea that they know who Lou Sarah is.