Haiku Madness - Even More Madness

Spam, you say? I think
there is more to life than Spam;
cheese, for example

Cheese, for example
Something that goes in your mouth
Also a burger

O, how I love cheese!
Venezuelan Beaver Cheese
is my favorite

Strange women lying
In ponds, distributing swords
Is no real basis.

Pythonesque haikus;
Basho and Cleese don’t go well
Together at all.

Well, to each their own;
I rather like the mixture
of farce, poetry

Poems are made by fools
Like these, But only God can
Make a tree. - Kilmer

When did Val Kilmer
Turn to writing poetry?
During “Real Genius”?

Six-syllable words
like "unjustifiable’
Must go in line two.

Lexical verbosities
Are lacking in zen.

Zen hot dog vendor
(“Make me one with ev’rything”)
kept all my change, too

Change comes from within.
Do not begrudge the seller
A pittance few coins.

Oneness with The All
doesn’t make me a patsy;
gimme my nine cents!

Put in my two cents,
gives you eleven pennies.
Will you take a check?

Sure I would, Burpo,
but you owe me nothing, and
the vendor still does!

“Forgive us our debts
As we forgive our debtors”
Seems to come to mind.

I suppose you’re right;
life’s too short to expect change
from Zen hot dog guy.

You want Zen?: Dalai
Lama’s Pizza! Say, “Make me
one with everything!”

That one is so old
I heard it as a wee lad
And nobody laughed.

A cool Monday here;
lots to do, and yet the Dope
seductively calls