Haiku Madness Part Deux

“In the arena”
A sentence with five vowels
And five consonants

And five consonants:
“Abstemiously” - with all
Six vowels present.

Six vowels present
And, of course, accounted for
But I don’t know Y

(with apologies)

But I don’t know why,
There’s no sun up in the sky
It’s stormy weather.

It’s Stormy Weather!
Here for today’s cage match with
Mean Mr. Mustard!!

Mean Mr. Mustard
Sister Pam works in a shop
She’s a go-getter

She’s a go-getter
Need something from the kitchen?
She will go get it.

She will go get it:
FRISBEE! 'til she drops! Border
Collies are like that.

Collies are like that.
Flash: eyes, brown, white fur, tail-flag
flying. Ball at feet.

Flying, ball at feet
Other ball remains in place
Amazing g-force

Gerry Anderson’s new pup-
pet show! (not really)

Pet show! (not really)
Best In Show satirizes
People more than dogs.

People, more than dogs
Seem to not know when to leave
Well enough alone.

Well enough alone –
But now it is in public
That we find danger.

That we find danger
In our neighbors’ company
Is disconcerting.

Is dis concert in-
genue da one dat I saw
Doing pirouettes?

Doing pirouettes
On the roundabout trapeze
Shirley fell to earth

Shirley fell to earth
happily, parachuting
through warm friendly air

through warm friendly air
in autumn – the dying sea-
son – a leaf slices.

Son, a leaf slices
water apart with sunlight.
So we eat and breathe.