Haiku Madness Part Deux

So we eat and breathe
And drink and have intercourse
And one day we die

And one day we die
But this is not that day, no,
Tomorrow perhaps.

Tomorrow, perhaps
I‘ll go hiking near the bay
Or, perhaps I’ll not

“Or perhaps I’ll not,”
he sighed. And was gone, a wave
back to the ocean.

Back to the ocean
With Frankie and Annette, just
Like in days of yore.

Like in days of yore
Mama jokes, I was on fire
Showing no mercy

Showing no mercy,
The pollsters keep on calling
I’m on tenterhooks

I’m on tenterhooks.
When will such conclusions wane?
Where’s the plot device?

Where’s the plot device
To get me, author, out of
This trite storyline?

This trite storyline
may as well belong to a
Jackie Collins book.

Jackie Collins’ book
The Stud was memorable
Not even a bit.

“Not even a bit.”
How much would I enjoy life
without chocolate?

Without chocolate
Nougat, caramel. Snickers?
Well, that is just nuts

Well, this is just nuts
I’m sure I ordered Trail Mix
It’s all salt, no sweet

It’s all salt, no sweet,
All seasoning, but no spice,
All sin, but no sex.

All sin, but no sex –
Some folks just love gluttony
And all those others.

And all those others?
Who are gonna vote for Trump?
They can go pound sand