Happy Anniversary, Shayna and Spiny Norman!

Well, the first mile has clicked by on the ol’ odometer. The Paper Anniversary. Your first year together. Congratulations! :slight_smile:

[sub]Oh… and Happy Birthday, Shayna! :slight_smile: [/sub]

Aww, the First Inter-Continental Doper Marriage[sup]*[/sup], how sweet. Congratulations, you two crazy kids!

[sup]*[/sup] The first one I am aware of.


Love and all my continuing best wishes for a long and glorious life together. AND my love AND Happy Birthday Shayna!

And huggles. [sub]huggles Shayna several times while she can[/sub] :smiley:

I love you BOTH!!!


'Grats, cats.

Happy anniversary! Thinking of your story always makes me smile.

Print this thread out and consider it your paper gift.

All the very best to you both.

Happy Anniverary!! Wow, it seems like only a year ago that y’all were getting married. Time sure flies. Congratulations.

And Happy Birthday, Jill!!

Hope y’all have a great day and year and life.

Happy Anniversary you two lovebirds!

Ric and Kathy

Happy Anniversary Spiny Norman and Shayna! I can’t believe it’s a year already. Wow. Give each other a big Texas sized hug for me.

Lots of love,

There was Montfort and Anniz. :wink:

Spiny Norman: I think you should remove the Trivial Pursuit question that asks what country Hamlet is set in. :stuck_out_tongue:


Happy Birthday Jill :smiley:

OK, the first Westward-bound-trip-to-settle-down-in-another-country-after-an-Inter-Continetal-Doper-Wedding.

How’s that?

Congrats again, anyway.

Congrats, you two. It sure was nice to meet you both at the LA fest the year before last!

  • especially Mr. L.A. for starting the thread (and for giving us that cool paper lamp as a present), Scotti
    for coming all the way to LA to celebrate and to Ric & ca_dolphin for driving down to see us.

I, too, sometimes have a hard time believing that a full year has gone by. Then I look at what we’ve accomplished in the last year - wrestling with movers, plannning a wedding, tackling immigration authorities, finding a job - to say nothing of how we’ve figured out how to merge two lives into one with surprising ease. And then I can’t believe that we’ve managed to do all that in only a year. As amazing as it has been (and it has been amazing!), I sure hope we’re up for a slightly more tranquil year #2.

Thanks again, to everyone who posted.

And big thanks to my sweet Shayna who’s managed to put up with my collections of bad habits and mismatched dinnerware for an entire year. I love you, Sweetie.

Yeah, right. You guys have baseball questions coming out the wazoo, but the one question that gives me a slight edge needs to be removed ? Over my dead body!

Wow, almost missed this.

Congratulations from someone who’s got a good twenty years on ya.

Ain’t marriage grand?

Happpy Annniversary!

Your friend,


The ONE question that gives you a SLIGHT edge?

That loud noise is me laughing hysterically in your general direction. :smiley: