Happy Day - No Layoffs

Whew! Good news delivered today, when I was expecting bad!

The President had talked to my boss about moving him to a different role within the company, since we aren’t doing any M&A transactions. After the P talked to the CEO in Europe, the CEO doesn’t want that at all. CEO is happy with our team and his only concern is that as we are not doing transactions that either my boss or I would want to leave. (Basically the idea is that having the two of us (even if we do only 1 transaction in a year) is cheaper than hiring a banker, who isn’t likely doing the continual industry monitoring that we are.)

No one is getting the boot and we dodged a bullet there! Resumes were updated and both of us were contacting our networks and preparing for the worst.

Fingers crossed that hubby has good news when I get home, as he had an interview today.

Its the Year of the Tiger and that’s my sign - so it better be a good year dammit! :smiley: