Happy Holidays! I am a new member

Long time lurker finally pulled on my big girl pants. . .

Pants? There was no mention of pants when I signed on.

Welcome to the Dope; the usual assortment of nudzhes will be here soon for your initiation.

I thought we were forbidden to wear pants when posting. Which can get inconvenient for those in snow country. Or maybe it was just *excused *from wearing pants.

What makes a person lurk and never post? I’m curious. I mean, how can you stop yourself? Welcome, btw.

My lack of posting results from having very limited internet access. This week I borrowed a mobile hotspot. Also I think of a reply and then I think, "Really? Sveltington who cares WHAT you think? I really enjoy reading the threads.

I know the pants. I almost said big woman pants because I have a problem with the whole “girl” word used for anyone over 14. I knew if I overthought it, which I usually do, I would never hit the button.

Oh, that never stops the rest of us.

Welcome! As duly appointed Keeper of the Squid, I prepare the ritual…

It’s really so much more convenient if you’re not wearing pants.

Welcome! What part of the globe are you from?

I am a huge fan of cephalopods. :smiley:

USA, New England, Connecticut now. Originally Massachusetts.

Oh, we are going to get along just fine.

Who is bringing the goat for the initiation?

I also am very fond of goats. My Grandpa raised goats. I like goat cheese. If you really want to scare or put me off try a sloth those long claws :eek: or a Hyena; although I can at least identify with a Hyena because I too frequently laugh at inappropriate times.


Welcome! Pants are of course, optional.

Nice to meet you! Glad you de-lurked! :slight_smile:

Never mention PODS again ( to me, I mean). Welcome to playground.

What kinda toys you bring?

Pants. Funny word.

PODS?? Portable storage units?

Toys ah yes coincidentally I have MANY toys; but the one I always carry is my oversized plastic rainbow slinky. Moving it from hand to hand creates a lovely soothing whirring sound and a cool breeze in the Summer. Do finger puppets count as toys? For some reason I have a collection of those.

:smack:Omg CephaloPODS

duh sorry

I have issues.
The Last slinky I had I kinked it all up.

I’ll bring the wine and cheese to the initiation.

I have to finish this beer first.

Don’t worry. I’m wearing pants today.