Has anyone else ever done this? WARNING-TMI!

First, the backstory:

My roommate and I moved to NYC a few months ago. It is awesome, but one of the downsides is the lack of central air. We bought a window unit and a couple of fans, and that helped considerably. However, my roommate’s room is on the other side of the apartment from the window unit, so her room is forever sweltering, even with a fan. For a few days she slept in there and woke covered in sweat and nauseous from the heat. Then for a few days she slept on the couch, which is much closer to the AC but not comfy for long term sleeping arrangements. We finally figured that while it is so incredibly hot she can sleep in my bed with me, since I have a queen sized bed and it is cool and comfy in my room. Better temperature, better back support, and it is only for a little while so no big deal. I don’t mind sharing my bed at all. Sharing isn’t a problem and seems to be working out well, except for one small thing…

About 2 weeks ago we woke up and started getting ready to go our jobs and she kind of looked at me and said, “Do you remember what you did last night?” I looked at her blankly and said, “Sleep?” She then proceeds to tell me as tactfully as possible that I was masturbating in my sleep. She says she asked me what I was doing and tried to talk to me for a minute but I wouldn’t respond and occasionally snored so she knew I was asleep. I kind of laughed and explained that people don’t generally do that kind of thing in their sleep, and that I was probably itchy or adjusting my jammies. She says that it’s doubtful because she is sure of what she saw, but either way it doesn’t bother her because it’s not like she wasn’t aware that I occasionally do that kind of thing, she just was suprised that I could do that and be completely unaware of it.

We let the subject drop and continued with the sleeping arrangements. No harm, no foul after all. I still thought she was making it up, but whatever. Then last night at about 4 in the morning I wake up to the bed shaking like we are having an earthquake or something. I sit up and look around for a second, trying to figure out what is going on. I roll over and put my hand on her side, thinking she must be violently ill or having a charlie horse or something before it dawns on me that she is masturbating. Like, hardcore masturbating. I quickly pull my hand away and say, “Dude, I am so sorry. I wasn’t aware you did that kind of thing after I went to sleep!” She didn’t respond at all though. In fact, I could tell she was still asleep, but just happened to be taking care of business, so to speak. While I was debating between waking her up and getting out of bed so she could finish she stopped, so I just shrugged it off and went back to sleep myself.

This morning I asked her about it and she had no recollection of the event at all. I apologized for previously assuming that I wouldn’t have possibly been able to get off without being aware of it and we talked about it for a few minutes, determining that at this point it is not problematic enough to start figuring out how to rearrange the furniture so that her bed fits in the living room or anything, so we will keep up the sleeping arrangement until the weather finally cools down. If it happens again though we will see about trying to find a less embarrassing solution to the sleep problem. This all leads me to the $1,000,000 question.

Has anyone else ever seen a spouse/friend/significant other do this kind of thing in their sleep? Have you ever been told it is something that you have done? How the hell do you stop yourself from doing something in your sleep? Is this something that only effects us girls or are guys just as likely to whack off in their sleep?

Shit, do we look like Dan Savage? :wink:

Lived in NYC? Fuck no!

Lived in NYC? Fuck no!

So, when are the two of you going to have sex? :slight_smile:

:eek: :eek: :smiley: :smiley:
I’m sorry, were you saying something?

She’s lying :slight_smile:

Here’s my guess.

You didn’t masturbate in your sleep. She wasn’t sleeping.

Lies! We need to see proof :smiley:

In my time, I’ve witnessed a couple of guys who rubbed one out presumably in their sleep. I didn’t investigate thoroughly, so I can’t be certain they were sleeping. As for myself, the odd nocturnal emission isn’t unheard of. I have no idea if I go through the motions, so to speak., but I know I sleepwalk - so I’d guess I do & just haven’t been alerted to it yet.

For your situation, it seems to me all the embarrassing stuff has already happened. Now that you both know what goes on, woulnd’t future events elicit a “meh, not again!”, then you roll over & go back to sleep? If you haven’t modified the sleeping arrangements by now, I don’t see why you’d need to after the next time.

For you more suspicious types, the timing seems wrong. Waiting weeks between ‘incidents’ seems too patient & methodical. Unless roomie had a less nefarious motive. Say, roomie knows it’s something she does & doesn’t want pbbth to freak out if it happens. So, she invents the original story. Now, if pbbth should wake to find roomie waxing the lily-pad, it won’t be as big a deal.

Anyway, much as I like a good “lesbian seduction” story, it seems innocent enough to me.

I know that some women masturbate in their sleep, as I’ve seen it happen. You may both do it. It may be. like Jim says, she was lying about you doing it so you would be prepared for when she did it. Or she may not believe that you were really asleep. The quickest way to get to the bottom of this would obviously involve a steady application of blender drinks…

Dear SDMB,

I never thought it would happen to me. It all started one hot summer when my hot roommate’s bedroom was too hot to sleep in…

Where do you live? “Awesome County” indeed!
Nope, I’ve nevre heard of it, but I assume it’s possible.

I had a girlfriend that did this - I wish I could show her this thread, because she was very defensive/denying about it.

The first time I noticed it, the timing was awful because she’d been quite clear before going to bed that she was “too tired” for sex. (Apropos of nothing at all, as it happened.) Then, at two o’clock in the morning, I notice the mattress thumping along, and she’s quietly banging away at her clitty. She ignored any attention I gave her, and kept her eyes closed. This kept me awake (and frustrated/pissed/confused) until after 5:00am “Don’t think about sex, Larry!” fwap-fwap-fwap-fwap-fwap-fwap-fwap…

The next morning, she was completely :confused: - and “Now that you mention it, my clitoris is kind of raw.”

Happened a couple of other times, but never a marathon session like that again. Talk to her and get nonsense or Polish in response, if anything.

She had a history of actual sleepwalking episodes before that. Anything like that for either of you?

I’ve seen my partner do it and I’ve woken to doing it myself. And we’ve started up when I think both of us were asleep- neither of us remembering exactly how it began. Yup, it definitely happens. I’m guessing much more frequently than what people realize. I don’t think the timing was intentional- maybe subconsciously it took her a while to get comfortable enough sleeping in your bed before it happened. . .

Congrats to the both of you for being level-headed about it all though. If you guys can shrug off late-night masturbation, I’m guessing the petty ‘who left the glass on the coffee table’ kinds of things are of no consequence.

Nope. But then again, I think I have only once (in adulthood) had to share a bed with a female friend and in that case all that happened was that in the morning (unfamiliar room, tired after travel taking longer than expected and general ungood stuff, cheap pension thingy in Paris etc) as I reached out to thump and shut up the little alarm clock, I was helpfully further wakened by Jean thumping my head in a sleepy attempt to shut up the noise of the alarm clock. Well, all that I can remember anyway. Or SAY that I can remember. :slight_smile:

It seems to me, though, that the slightly embarrassing bit is done with now, and you can both just laugh about it, and when it comes to unknowing sleep-time activities, surely it’s safer that that’s all that each of you did, rather than the scary film cliché of sleepwalking out the door or out of the (very high up) window?

Also, it sounds as though your weather is a bit stressful, which might mean a slightly less sound sleep than normal, so this could be really unusual for both of you. If not, then just think, you could move into an apartment with only one room, money saved >>> more money to spend on air-conditioning >>> happy nights all round. :slight_smile:

Heh, I think you are gaining a few more “fans” from the look of this thread. :smiley:

It also seems that the two of you are happy enough with the present arrangement that you choose not to go with the idea of sleeping bag or whatever on the floor. However, you might find that you could buy an inflatable “camp” bed for very little money, and those things are smaller than a real bed, so it might be a useful option. And when your weather improves, it won’t be a waste of money 'cos it will still be there for any hypothetical unexpected visitors.
(Hell, I am now wondering about all the times I’ve spent in tents with non-sexual-partner friends … Hmmmm. Perhaps I did embarrassing things and there was a lot of politeness involved. Perhaps I would rather not know. :slight_smile: )

Oh, on preview, just remembered one thing I have done in my sleep (apart from occasional talking etc - one time I really MUST have been sleepwalking, 'cos in my own little head, I probably had got up with a need to visit the bathroom THEN thought, “Ooh, I will be nice and good, and just go and check whether the Sunday newspapers have come yet” - whatever - anyway, I found myself locked out of house, as in actually outside, on street, and having to ring doorbell to waken up my boyfriend who was understandably surprised and confused as to how I had done this. Oh, yeah, I was completely naked at the time of course, and it was certainly bright enough daylight enough for it to be potentially embarrassing. :eek:

“Um, Celyn, why are you out there, and out there with no clothes on at all?”
“I don’t know, but please can I come IN before I try to wonder why?”

And I think I must never go to NYC 'cos the weather sounds worrisome. I only ever seem to hear about when it is very much too cold, or very much too hot and sweltering. Oh woe. :smiley:

Before I discovered masturbating while awake, I would have the proverbial “nocturnal emission.” Sometimes I would wake up part way through and I would be humping the bed. Hasn’t happened since I was like 12 though, since there’s not been a reason for it. I have had dreams where I was masturbating (they tend to be incredibly frustrating as I can never come in them). Not sure if I was actually acting out the dream, but I never woke up to any evidence of it.

YES! Any flatmate, (oh, all right, then “room-mate”) thing is always going to involve occasions for small (or medium, or large) disagreements about tidiness, or about noise, or musical taste, or about having friends round, so I’m thinking the O.P. and friend are set to settle in happily to this new place without too much of “you put the cheese in the wrong place in the fridge and I don’t think you clean the shower room very well” type of problem.

Pretty cool, really. Well, only because the weather is too hot, but I know what I mean. Sort of. :slight_smile:

It doesn’t get much more obvious than this, IMHO

See, I thought about this, but it doesn’t make sense for 2 reasons. The first being the large gap of time between when I did it and the other night, and the second being that while she was double clicking her mouse I was groggy and thought something else was wrong so I rolled over and touched her but she didn’t respond at all. I literally rolled towards her and put my hand on her side, right above her hip. Now speaking from personal experience, if I am all turned on and someone touches me it ellicits a small noise of some sort. A sigh or moan or something, especially if they touch me someplace like my waist, hip or ass. (Well, there are other placese too but that is a whole different thread. :smiley: ) She didn’t make a sound and she also didn’t pause or jerk like someone just interrupted her. She acted as if it hadn’t happened at all. Then when I brought it up the next day she had no clue what I was talking about. Usually when she is fibbing or joking or whatever she has trouble keeping from smiling and she can’t make eye contact but she seemed genuinely puzzed by the whole situation.

I’m glad to see some other people out there have done this or seen it done though. Makes me feel less like we are some kind of freaks. :stuck_out_tongue: