have a good weekend

I woun’t be back until monday

You too.

Go to hell you uppity well-wisher. :smiley:

What an odd thread to delurk for.

Oh well, have fun doing whatever you’re going to go do.

I’ll actually be gone until Tuesday, so I’ll see you then.

Don’t let my foot kick your ass on your way out.
You could have at least got some of us out of work early y’know.

Glad someone gets a long weekend

We’ve had some people show up and think this was a chat room. They’d start a thread, then sit and stare at the screen, waiting for an answer to appear… a few minutes later, they’d post again… and again…

Kind of like me in a Survivor thread…

I’m going to get drunk

I will be having a most excellent weekend thank you, just me the dogs and many hours of EverQuest II w00t! :smiley:

i swear, sometime this weekend- I WILL DO LAUNDRY!!! My bedroom floor is covered- its a disaster. Oh fuck it all- who needs it, ill buy new ones… Ill just go get drunk with DonMartin88.