Have other people been getting lots of time-outs?

Today I feel like I’ve gotten way more time-outs than usual. Several times in the past few hours I’ve gotten the blank white screen, instead of a page loading, and other times I’ve gotten a “Database Error” page, and others still have just timed-out.

Am I alone in this or have others been experiencing it too?

When is someone going to do something about this? Because I’m a paying customer and I want to receive a service that works properly.

I really hate to say this, but yes I’ve been having trouble with the boards in the last two weeks. Today no time-outs or blank pages, but slow ass wait times.

And I say these past two weeks have been my absolute first instances of server issues with this place during my five years of lurking.

I should be doing something else anyways though, like playing Blast Corps. Am I right OP? :wink:

I’ll bet it’s the polls.

“We don’t care — we don’t have to.” Lily Tomlin as AT&T operator.

That skit is exactly what I’ve been thinking about every time I read one of these threads.

That’s odd. I haven’t had a single time-out in the last fortnight. I guess it’s all to do with when you visit the board.


I don’t get timeouts. I get told that the entire site isn’t available. At odd times, it seems the server goes down for less than five minutes, or my DNS does.

I seen an occasional slow load, a rare blank page followed by some sort of error message, usually a data base error I think. Mid morning and mid afternoon pdt.

Slow loads. Mornings. Eastern Daylight.

I’ve been getting “bad response from server” a lot in the past few days.

More frequently than database errors or timeouts, I’ve been getting the blank pages, just white, no error message, no nothing. It’s frustrating to watch the little spinner spinning around on the Firefox tab and know that the delay means that the page isn’t going to be there.