Have you ever been pitted? If so . . . ? If not . . . ?

I got pitted once, but it seemed like someone adding a pitting notch to their Doper belt.

My habit of “fake personas” on other boards got me Pited. I also pointed out that marrying and having kids is pretty typical behavior.

Only one serious pit over an off-hand, non-accusatory, but I suppose somewhat opaque comment in another Pit thread. It didn’t get much traction and I found it…more odd than anything else.

Not that I’m aware of (and I’m not about to search)!

I did once start a pity thread expecting to get supportive answers and was rather shocked when I didn’t. But they were right, I was wrong, and I needed to hear it. :slight_smile:

I’ve been pitted a couple of times. Both undeserved IMHO. :smiley:

I think most of my comments are just too dumb to be pit worthy, or I just have not been SDMBing long enough.

Although a few posters have occasionally expressed mild annoyance at something I’ve said, and I’ve been called variants of ‘stupid’ every so often, apparently no one has ever wanted to go to the mat over it.

I don’t think I’ve been pitted, but I sort of expected it this week.

I have a debating style that involves asking earnest questions (sometimes questions that look stupid, naive or childish, occasionally making me look like I occupy the wrong side, or any particular side) that I feel will help to unpick the fundaments of an issue, but this is sometimes misunderstood.

Yeah, I’d not been around but a shortish time when Homebrew (long gone) tried Pitting me for misogyny or some such. It got about as much traction as if the last car through the Pit had spilled a lot of diesel, but it was kind of fun in its way.

Thanks for bringing that back up. The title is traumatizing.

If you mean that, I do apologize. I can see how it might not be as funny to the Pittee. :o

No. I’m conflict-averse and avoid heated conversations, on this board and elsewhere. I did spent the first 6-8 years of my time on the Dope appearing and disappearing from the board, getting told I was an idiot, getting my feelings hurt, then eventually coming back. After a while I kind of grew out of it, I guess.

The last person who ever did that to me was banned in the interstitial time. Every time I come across an old post of his with the BANNED marker on it, I smile to myself.

Not that I know of. I wouldn’t be surprised though, as I sometimes post drunk and others might miss subtle humor in those posts. :slight_smile:

I was kidding. It was probably the best way to get Pitted. Everyone piled on the OP and not me IIRC.

Not to my knowledge. I have posted to some threads in the Pit, and I do enjoy the action, but I prefer survey the the carnage from a distance.

I have been Pitted once (that I know of) for drive-by joking to one racist troll who was getting thoroughly pummelled and tried to pull the “I have lots of supporters you don’t know about ! In [del]Canada[/del]PMs !” shtick that “we know about X”.

A few months later X woke up or vanity searched or something and made a “you bastard I’m not a racist and you can’t prove anything !” Pit thread. It backfired spectacularly, as I recall. Which, you know, I was a bit annoyed about. This was my pitting, dammit, and he kept making it about himself by saying stupid racist things! Selfish bastard.


It was a couple years ago and I was complaining cuz I got run over while I was riding my bike, and since I was on the sidewalk I got yelled at by the bike enthusiasts. I defended my position (seriously there is NO way to ride in that street) and my stubbornness caused me to be pitted.

I never read it other than clicking the link that says I was pitted so I have no idea how long it lasted. I can’t imagine long since I never played in it long.


Only one I could find that mentions me by name in the title, was because I apparently call racists “racists” a bit more often than some people might like, or something (it wasn’t the most coherent pitting). But I’ve been included in other pittings, I think, especially ones about US military invasions and my postings about those.

Seriously, Annie-Xmas, shut up about adoption and serial killers

Three times that I can remember. One was a minor kerfuffle over my sig line at the time, and the OP and I have moved well past it. One was a duly deserved call-out to me being more than a little insensitive in a thread. The last one was a minor melt-down by one of our northern neighbors who took exception to my referring to that big pink splotch as “Canadia.” It did not proceed as he intended.

Not bad for 11 years on the Dope. Probably because I’m usually only stupid, not offensive.