Have you ever heard of these attraction/seduction programs?

Pandora’s Box - Vin Dicarlo

Tao Of Badass - Josh Pellicer

IMO, the content is interesting, but it takes some time to master and learn the skills that they teach you.

These things are so lame. The content is not interesting, unless you consider astrology, numerology and horoscopes to be interesting. It’s all basically the same crap.

Women are not Pokemon. There are no tricks or skills involved in “catching” them. There is nothing to master. Just be yourself. The sooner you can do that and stop trying so hard, the better off you’ll be.

Not familiar with individual persons/programs in particular, but familiar with the concept. These people are known as "POA"s or “POS.”

It’s all baloney. Most of the specific “Techniques” they teach, like “negging” or whatever you call the thing where you wear one colorful and odd thing, cannot be demonstrated to actually work.

The reason guys think these things work - aside from wishful thinking - is that most of them add a baseline of “act confident and hit on a lot of women,” which of course will always result in picking up more women than NOT acting confident and hitting on lots of women. Really, you can sum up how best to pick up women in a hundred words, tops.

Nah, ‘negging’ is the one where you basically insult women to try to knock their confidence (or pick out women with low self-esteem) because that’s obviously a brilliant start to any kind of relationship.

The only actual ‘benefit’ to these techniques is that they encourage guys with no confidence who want to meet women to actually get out there and try to talk to them because it makes them feel like they might have a chance. Many of the actual techniques are stupid or plain nasty, but they ‘work’ when you compare using them to sitting by yourself and hoping someone attractive is going to come over and talk to you.

No. These things were briefly popular many years ago. There is nothing wrong with being confident or playful. But most of these things seemed to use underhanded or sleazy psychological techniques that rightly turn people off. You are much better off learning useful skills than misrepresenting yourself or acting dishonourably for a dubious short-term gain.

That’s “peacocking.”

PUAs, or “pick-up artists.”

SNL had kind of a fun role-reversed spoof of the whole PUA scene.

Obligatory XKCD.

– take the advice at the top of the third panel.

Yeah, typo. No typo in the second one, though.

The Dom reviews a book by the pick-up artist “Mystery” - and it’s legendarily bad. The review, on the other hand, is hilarious.

Part 1

Part 2

Those programs are for losers.

Real men are moving on to using the Leprechaun Technique:

That guy used to live in Alabama!

Stop looking for cheat codes. Relationships are not a video game.

Both people in a relationship have their own agency. Stop asking “How do I make women like me?” and ask yourself “How do I turn myself into a person that women like?”

More like, how do I turn myself into a person that*** I ***like.

Also? Be aware that a moderate percentage of the people reading your post are women. Who generally have a very opinion of men who treat them like sex dispensers with a trick coin slot. Just pay for it straight up if you can’t understand that women are actually human beings.

In the movie Magnolia, Tom Cruise brilliantly played a motivational guru who gave speaches under the title “Seduce and Destroy”. A lot of people don’t realize that we weren’t supposed to admire that character.

Anyway, these things are stupid. Be a decent person and treat people with kindness and respect. Life isn’t a damn role playing game. Yeah, confidence is hard. I was terribly shy and self-conscious for years too. There’s no trick to gaining confidence. Just practice.

Ehh, I’ve used these techniques successfully in the past particularly negging.it works you get the girl to go home and sleep with you. I always felt like an asshole doing it so I only tried a handful of times in my 20s. Plus you really have to choose a crazy one for it to work more than that single night and as a wise man once said don’t stick your dick in the crazy.

The advice in this thread is great for having a real relationship with women but if you just want to be a scum bag that gets laid more often than most POA stuff is a path to go. Personally, I’d suggest the better path is to hit the gym. If you spent the same effort on working out as you do on learning POA stuff women will flock to you and you don’t have to be an asshole. At least that is what worked for me.

To be scrupulously fair, though, this works a lot better for someone like, well, you than it does for the average schmuck. :wink: Still good advice tho.

I’ve heard of that one, mainly because of a memorable thread on another forum where someone tried to push it and was mocked mercilessly.

Any woman willing to put up with a sleezy creepo all night while he puts her down and treats her like crap all the while bragging about himself, telling disgusting stories, and generally acting like a d-sack would have slept with said d-sack anyway.

These guys would have just as much luck walking up to random women and saying, “wazzup, you wanna f*ck?” Then they could go through even more women to get to the few who are desperate, horny, and drunk enough to say yes. IMO, anyway.

That actually is a method I’ve heard recommended. The men I’ve heard recommend it compare it to spam email (not a comparison that makes it sound better to me), in that if you spam requests for sex often enough to enough women eventually you’ll run into one who says yes.

With the unspoken corollary that you’ll irritate a great many other women in the process. So yes, very like spam email…