Heads UP Iraq! Pretext Located

Seems we ‘just discovered’ that the nasty Iraqis have been holding an American pilot all these years.

NOW we gott find him (couldn’t have done last year?) Ummmm


George W. ‘all war, all the time’ Bush

This is old news.

The DOD used to list him as “KIA, Body not recovered”, then they changed that status a few years back to “MIA”. In the ten years that he’s been missing, no named US defense official has claimed that he was alive, and most reports his “imprisonment” are of a tabloid nature. We’ve been blowing up things in Iraq now and again for ten years. I don’t see that changing any.

While there are some questions about what happened to his remains, I don['t think this is going to be enough to set in motion any new war.


And to your OP in general: :rolleyes:

This announcement really struck me awkwardly. They interviewed a couple people about it. Seems like one was a family member. Said the guys wife was already remarried. But the tne thing that seemed so awkward was the lack of recent information. One guy said “two years” and the other said “last year”. I kept waiting for the "new’ information.

happyheathen, we don’t need a pretext. Iraq signed a ceasefire that was conditional upon Iraq’s compliance with the ceasefire terms, including the inspection for and destruction of weapons of mass destruction. Iraq is also under UN mandate for the same inspections and destruction.

Iraq is in noncompliance with both the ceasefire and the UN mandate. Both are, independently, valid causes belli under international law.


Sure thing. But it’s a little hard to get the populace het up to attack somebody because of, “noncompliance with both the ceasefire and the UN mandate.” That sort of argument won’t get anyone to charge up San Juan Hill. “They’ve got our guy!” much more effective.

That would be a job suitable for Delta Force, though. However, a Delta mission always has the potential of repeating a Black Hawk Down scenario.

<conspiracy theorist>
Which the government could do on purpose by sabotaging the Black Hawk choppers Delta uses and thus expanding the casus belli for Iraqi military operations.
</conspiracy theorist>

Well, as far as the quote “Seems we ‘just discovered’ that the nasty Iraqis have been holding an American pilot all these years.” goes, according to my paper, which is generally ok as far as facts go:
“And now come new accounts by a one time high-ranking military advisor to Saddam Hussein, who defected earlier this year, that a captured American pilot was still alive and being held in Iraq as of January” Las Vegas Review Journal, 03-13-2002.

Well, damned, if that is true there is every reason for the US to have “just discovered” the fact.

Oh, by the way, did you read the link you used as a source. Quote: "Iraq had also handed over Speicher’s flight suit, the British news agency Press Association reported.

And other reports indicated that a “man-made symbol” had been created at the crash site, possibly as a distress signal, Reuters news agency reported."

Hmmm, no body, but a “man-made symbol” and a flight suit. Yeah, there is no reason to look.

Hey, hate the war? fine. Hate Bush? as you obviously do, fine. But to ignore or doubt information that a US Service Man is alive in a hostile country as a prison of war??? Well, there is a Pit thread coming your way, and soon.


See what I mean?