Heat Miser or Snow Miser

Perhaps this isn’t a ‘great debate’ (though I’ve had some long discussions on it). It this isn’t the right forum for this message, please move it to where it should go.

As a child, one of my favorite Christmas shows was The Year Without a Santa Clause.

The thing I like best about the show is the Heat Miser and Snow Miser rivalry. I’ve always been more fond of Snow Miser, he’s just so cool (ba-da-boom). Is there any consensus on this?

Oh yeah, Snow Miser has it all over Heat Miser. Snow Miser is cool and low-key, Heat Miser is loud and irritable.

However, it may not be a fair judgement. Snow Miser is shown first, and does that great song-and-dance number ("I’m Mr. Snow Miser, I’m Mr. Snow. I’m Mr. Icicle, I’m Mr. Ten Below . . .). When Heat Miser is shown later singing HIS song to the same tune, he seems like a copycat.

Snow Miser had it all over Heat Miser. No contest. Okay, Heat Miser could make things melt, big deal. Even Yuri Geller wouldn’t be impressed by that. But Snow Miser could make things turn to snow! How cool is that?

Snowie’s cool. Heat Miser’s a hot head. 'nuf said.

Snow miser. A bit wimpy, but a cool dude overall. Heat miser was amusing, but was essentially a bully.

If I recall correctly, Mother Nature had them both on a short leash.

That movie rules!!

I always thought Snow Miser’s name was actually Mr. Freeze. Maybe I’m confusing my Christmas movies.

I have to go with Heat Miser for his show stopping number. I especially like the little heat misers on the pogo sticks.

“I’m mister heat blister I’m mister hundred and one,” genius!

Did you know they’re apparently making a movie of this?


I’m not sure how to feel about this.

I’ve always preferred Heat Miser, myself; Snow Miser was kind of a wimp. I wanna see Don King play Heat Miser.

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I love that song from the movie. A great ska/funk band named sprawl did a cover of it. I don’t know if it’s still available (maybe on napster) but if you can get your hands on it, you’ll enjoy.

Now I have it stuck in my head!

[sub]I’m mr. heat miser, I’m mr sun. I’m mr heat blister I’m mr 101. my friends call me heat miser, whatever I touch, start to melt right in my clutch… ha I’m too much!

or something like that[/sub]

Just had to pop in and say that this is my favorite Christmas show. I go for Heat though, he’s so cute with his little poofs of flame around him. I have this as my desktop theme right now.

Snow Miser, no question! Although my mom did once have an unfortunate dye job incident that left her looking like the Heat Miser.

I love the part where H.M. calls C.M. a “tooty-fruity snow cone.”

I love this movie so much. I always liked Snow Miser better, because he was willing to let it snow. Heat Miser was a brat that wouldn’t compromise. Now, I’m gonna have the song in my head too. Maybe I’ll go watch the movie. Lisa

I like Snow Miser. He seems more approachable. Plus he goes cross-eyed, too. Makes him look so much more demented, and that in itself has entertainment value.

Heat Miser looks like he’s got hemorrhoids or something. He’s just so pissed off all the time. He could really use some Ritalin.

Anybody else notice the Al Gore/Snow Miser --George W. Bush/Heat Miser resemblances?

Obviously Snow Miser is better. Heat Miser actually tries to kill Jingle, Jangle and Vixon with a blast of heat ray. No such murderous action comes from Snow Miser despite an early dire prediction from Santa. When our friends actually meet Snow Miser, he’s very friendly and does the original and cool Snow Miser song for them. He’s ready to send a snowstorm to Southtown immediately to alleviate the worldwide Christmas malaise and give Santa a holiday, but Heat Miser prevents this. Furthermore, Snow Miser foresees the immediate danger of a polar heat wave many years before talk of “global warming” and “polar icecap melt” became popular with environmental scientists.

Heat Miser, as mentioned above by Soup, rips off the Snow Miser song. He wants to exchange one measly snowstorm in Southtown for entire control of the North Pole. Even if he’s ignorant of the disasterous consequences of his actions (or more likely uncaring), it’s a completely unfair deal. Heat Miser obviously has a not-so-subtle satanic envy complex. He’s a fallen angel, and his bitterness comes through with every line. He is indeed, “too much”.

One final note: the oblivious Mother Nature figure is clearly responsible for the whole mess due to bad parenting. Sitting alone in her little garden and house while provoking fear from even Mrs. Clause, her refusal to get involved until requested by the Christmas crew is astonishing. Content to water a few plants while the world goes to hell in a handbasket, she obviously can control her sons but usually refuses to do so. Her children have become the same loners as she. She berates her children as “naughty”, but refuses to actually use her considerable influences except when requested (or should that be “begged”?). Then we’re supposed to be all so thankful. GRR!

No, no, no! As much as I love Snowie, he was the one that turned down the deal that would have kept Mother Nature out of the whole thing.

Negotiations went like this (paraphrasing):

Mrs. Claus informs Snowie that Heat Miser is willing to let it snow it South Town, but Heat Miser is asking for a piece of the North in return. Snowie listens…and Mrs. Claus explains that Heat Miser wants the North Pole. Snow Miser freaks out, prompting Mrs. Claus to visit Mother Nature. Of course, the brothers plead with her, but off she goes. Bitch.

On another note, does anybody remember when Mrs Claus, Jingle, Jangle and the little kid first visit Snow Miser? Snow Miser says something harmless about Santa Claus and the little kid steps forward like he’s some bad-ass and tells Snowie to shove it, in so many words. I always feel like saying, “Hey, kid…Snowie could drop kick your ass into Greenland, so show some respect you South Town suburbanite dweeb.”

Anybody remember that part?

I object. The Snow Miser nixed the deal for a very good reason. Heat Miser wanted to have complete control of the North Pole, not just one day’s worth of heat. A single day of snow in Southtown for complete control of one of the coldest places on earth. Outrageous! It’s obvious that Heat Miser never expected his brother to go through with the deal. He offered what anyone can certainly see is an unfair trade. Mother Nature worked out an effective compromise–one which I can imagine Snow Miser would have agreed to early on had not negotiations been so ugly. The unhappy and bitter Heat Miser is a jerk.

As to Mother Nature being kept out of the whole thing-- as I stated above-- she should have been right there from the beginning. Had not Jingle and Jangle interfered, there indeed would have been a year without a Santa Claus.

I’m impressed, Biotop. I never realized my mindless childhood (ok, adult, too) entertainment had such deep meaning!

I’m gonna have to check the tape out for this one. You’re claiming that Heat Miser wanted total control of the North Pole? Well, if that’s the case, Snowie should object.

I’m hot off another debate about the Miser Brothers, and I’m undefeated, so I have to validate these claims. The simple exchange of South Town for North pole FOR ONE DAY is how I understand the deal.

My position, pending further investigation, is that Snowie objected to the swap, making him the deal breaker.

Your claim is that Heat Miser made a ridiculous demand (total control of the North Pole), making him the deal breaker.

On another note, the Miser bothers were “step brothers”. “Yo, Mudda Nature…what’s up with dat!?”

Ans was in it Jingle or Jangle that stole the voice of Tennesee Tuxedo’s sidekick Chumley?

I have to go with Snow Miser. I mean come on, the North Pole for one little wimpy small US town? That’s not a fair trade. If it had been Southtown, USA for Northtown, Cananda I could see it, but not for the North Pole.

What always got me was the elves sticking socks over the antlers of the reindeer and passing it off as a dog.