heat miser vs freeze miser

Lets see how many great minds I attract here.
:slight_smile: accidentally walked into G.D. and have had no fun at all and made no friends. :frowning:
The subject is who likes heat miser vs freeze miser on THE YEAR WITHOUT SANTA CLAUS.
No references will be accepted. Please ramble and make absolutely no sense. You can change the subject as long as you are funny.
By the way I am from the south , but I did live in the north. Love the heat but miss the snow…
oh man i forgot who cares about punctuation.
spelling errors…
and i for got to say

Just because or opinions are different does not mean either of us are wrong

Hermey, the dentist-wannabe elf has 'em both beat. Hey, he kicked the abominable snowman’s ass!

I vote for the Winter Warlock.

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Clearly both the Heat And Snow Misers were wusses, but their songs were the best… Plus Shirley Booth…Well need I say more.

Amongst those two the Snow Miser was more likeable but that was, as the Heat Miser pointd out, that Santa was unfair to him.

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t lion

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Ayesha needs to ground someone from using html commands.

dansir: Made no friends?
::::::hurt and confused Phaedrus stumbles away, vision blurred from tears:::::::::

Iam sorry …Havent you learned yet I am a dummy and unclear lol…I did make two friends you and orange…
you know how to contact me but I am out of here …
merry christmas