Hello...former lurker here

Hi, that was Eutycus, rush chairman. He was damn glad to meet you.

Seven years of college down the drain.

Thank you all for the welcome…not too worried about making a fool of myself: its a fine art that I have been working on for several years now!

you didn’t get the memo? the pie and cake were, um lost, in the uh basement incident a few weeks back when the dairy dessert aaahhh “overflowed” its [del]containment[/del] carton.

Monkey Mom, well, I know you’re a Mom and all, but, the candy is safer. Specially if its baked into cookies

:smiley: Welcome :smiley:

why yes, I usually do capitalize Mom, Drill Sergeant and other words; as a habit of training

You’ll fit in well, however that should have been a semicolon, not a colon.

See what we’re like?

On the other hand I asked about your hockey affiliation because I SWORE your user name was “Hockey mom!”


Welcome encore.

Greetings, Monkey Mom! :slight_smile:

3 questions:

  1. Have you killed any humans?
  2. If yes, how many? and,
  3. Why?