Hello...former lurker here

After popping off and on the Straight Dope for several years I have at long last decided to take the plunge…:eek:

Hi I am Monkey Mom! :D:D:D

Ahh, Minkey Moume, pleezed to maik yur aqauintaunce.

We don’t mean to take you away from your kids though…

Thank you John DiFool (and Inspector Clouseau)

Its all good Count Blucher…she will rattle her cage if she needs anything

Welcome. You will get along great. We got plenty of monkeys here.

Just like family.

Well… as long as you wipe one end and feed the other before she starts flinging poo, I’m sure she’ll be fine. Welcome to the board.

Before we go any further, please answer the following (answer wisely):

  • Toilet paper: over or under?
  • Hot dogs: mustard or ketchup?

Didn’t know there would be a test already…

  1. TP …I’m an under…when it actually on the holder and not sitting on the back of the toilet.

  2. I really am not a big fan of mustard on a sandwich so its ketchup on my hotdogs… now mustard and pretzel drool

did I pass?

I don’t understand why people lurk and don’t post. I have to restrain myself from posting in every thread I read, 'cause I have an opinion on just about everything.

What NHL team do you prefer? You might guess mine.

I lurked for over a year mainly because I can’t be bothered to register for Yet Another Thing.

But I also like to think I was getting to know the board so I wouldn’t embarrass myself with my inanities. The results of which have been…questionable.

God, Shmod, I want my Monkey mom!

Mrs. Garrett?

Hi, I’m Eutychus, rush chairman. Damn glad to meet you.

Welcome to our playground. I hope you brought enough snacks for everyone…


Welcome to the Dope!

Dirty Harry and Cecil might deduct a point on question #2 and while I agree with them, I am more forgiving. :smiley: Welcome back. !!!

Just so you know, you probably don’t own the copyright to your offspring’s picture either.

Welcome Aboard! Don’t worry about making a fool of yourself as any inanity that occurs will be eclipsed in seconds by someone else…

BTW, pie or cake?
Finally, would you enjoy a nice bowl of ice scream? Nope, not a typo… :smiley: