Help me "decorate" my room or I need an original thought

I’ve decided to cover my walls with little quotes that come from people I know, including myself. So far I have added the following:

Temptation is the price of Choice

Love is the ultimate reward, and the ultimate punishment

Friends are people who know you, and love you anyway

Sometimes life turns off the light, and sometimes you just blink

The greatest aspect of beauty is a smile
And now it’s your turn. I would like you to come up with an original and inspiring (or at least funny) quote. It could be about you, it could be about life, it could be about anything you want. If I like it, it goes on the wall and I may post some pictures online so you can see it before my room is taken away when I leave for Uni.

Happy pondering.

p.s. Please make it original. It does matter to me.

How very Yoko Ono of you…

On her exhibit of a similar-idea, I wrote “I wish I had something better to write” for her ‘wish tree’ living art piece. I pinned it right next to some smart ass who wrote “I wish Yoko hadn’t broken up The Beatles”.

But I digress…

I will offer “Be yourself” as my piece.

Work is the curse of the drinking classes.

The only way to overcome temptation is to yield to it…

I’m not young enough to know everything.

My ex-roommate and I got some of that teacher paper (3 feet wide and comes in huge rolls) and did the same thing, only we first drew outlines of ourselves and decorated them however we wanted. Then we wrote the quotes all around them.

You may use my original line: “Coming at you like a stray sheep.”
Derived from “Coming at you like a straight G”.
(Lot’s of alcohol and loud music involved to come up with that little twist. :wink: )

Then there’s also “Shoit to poot”
That one comes from a very sleep-deprived conversation with my (at the time) roommate about my clunker car needing repair.
What I had intended say was “Shot to shit.” :rolleyes:
We liked “shoit to poot” better. :smiley:

Life is just an irritating interruption of peaceful nonexistence.

A true friend sees you as you really are… and likes you anyway!

Life’s too short to refuse cheesecake.


Come on, it’s not that bad an idea, is it?


I must confess, it’s not original, but I like it:

“Meddle not in the affairs of dragons, for you are crunchy when fried and good with ketchup.”

Shoot, check out people’s sigs - they’re a treasure trove.


We bought our house from a guy who had been renting it to college students. The basement was set up as a party room (christmas lights, mirror ball, DJ setup at one end), and one of the small rooms off the basement has been decorated with fingerpaint and graffiti done by people in varying stages of … not rightness. We were told that some of the best stuff only shows up under black light. I’ve been afraid to look.

“Life is short, then you die, but first, it hurts a lot.”
“When my penis thinks, it spits.”
“Don’t write stupid stuff.”

More in that vein.

ps. and by the way, the other people on the block (mostly yuppies with little kids) were really, really, really glad when a couple of yuppies with kids bought the house. Did I say they were really glad? Really. Apparently there were some parties where the neighbors looked out on Sunday morning and there were peoples’ underwear out on the lawn…

I would but since the sig swap over they come few and far between and I am not focused enough to go to everyone’s profile.

I know it sounds daft but I would like some original quotes, so it has a personal touch. And besides whats better than being surrounded by the thoughts and philosophies of those that I care about. :wink:

Last fall, I took a class on Alcohol Awareness. It was only one credit but it filled a health requirement and I didn’t have to do anything sweaty. For our final we had to do group projects. One of my favorite quotes ever came from a kid in the class during his presentation. He was telling us about a conversation he had with his dad about drinking and what trouble it could get you into. At one point his dad said to him:

“Son, being told to touch your toes by a 300 pound inmate is not a happenin’ thing.”

That would definately keep me out of trouble.

What, they’d have prefered the underwear be inside and the neighbors be on the lawn?

A little poem I wrote many a moon ago.

Why oh why
Did I shoot for the sky
When I should’ve known
I’d get poked in the eye