Help me find this kid's song (Iowa City! corn corn corn corn)

Right, so I heard this song on XM Kids yesterday. It’s a travelogue of going through Iowa on I-80. I believe it’s even called ‘I-80’ or somesuch.

I remember it had constant bits like ‘Iowa City! Corn corn corn corn corn What’s that smell? Corn! corn corn corn’ and so forth.

This is interesting to me due to my time in grad school at Iowa City and the fact that my mother in law was born in Prairie City in the 30s and, as she put it, ‘I became a nurse because that was my only ticket out of farming corn!’.

So, a little help here?

You could be hearing the “Iowa I-80 Song” by Haywood Banks.

Not the song you’re looking for, but let me also recommend I Awoke in Iowa, A Lonely Grain of Corn and especially Iowa Apology Song by Uncle Bonsai. I can’t find an audio sample on their site yet, but lyrics are here and here.