Help me out

I’m currently going through some relationship troubles with my long term girlfriend. She’s been acting depressed, despondent and generally out of sorts for the last few days and she’s not returning my calls either. I’m worried about her but I can’t get in touch with her so I’m just going to have to find ways to kill time until she deigns to phone me. On that note, my question is…what good movies are there out to rent at the moment? See, I just can’t be bothered going out and generally facing the world when the girl I love is having some sort of weird crisis that she won’t tell me about and I’m not going to phone her again so I’m just going to get a couple of good video’s out, get some mates round and split open a few cans of bud. Can anyone recommend anything good and preferably funny? I’m clueless about movies.

What Women Want?

“The Emporers new Groove”

It is a very funny movie. Considering it’s a Disney flick and a cartoon at that. The Cuzco part looks to be written just for David Spade.

You will forget about her for 77 mins…:slight_smile: