Help Qveen Pengvin Has Baby Fever Again!!!

To start I have two boys already ages 3 and 2. Both were not planned on pregnencies, meaning we didn’t use protection but we weren’t working on the specific goal of fertilization.

Second I do want another little one but not right that this moment.

Now Qveenpengvin wants another. I have been told in no uncertain terms that all next week we will be working on getting her pregnant. Now the process is not the problem, just the fact she has turned it into a chore.

I’m not even certain that it is a good idea at this time.

What do I do? I’m not sure I can say no to her but…

Anyone know a cure for baby fever?

I’ve found a newborn screaming at 4am to be a wonderful cure for baby fever.

I’d have thought already having two young children was a pretty good cure. If that’s not enough to put her off, your only hope may be getting a job in the nuclear industry.

She needs something helpless to fuss over.

Get her a puppy.

Or just be helpless yourself. Even better, be small, furry and helpless.

See if any of your friends with newborns would like her to babysit so they can have a night out. Preferably smelly, loud, obnoxious newborns, if there is such a thing to be found.

'course, this one can backfire on you, big-time, but hey. If you know what you’re doing, it’s not an adventure. At least your newborn won’t be smelly, loud, and obnoxious, so it’ll be a much better experience in comparison.

then again, you could go shoot hoops this weekend and ‘sustain a groin injury…’

My Sister in law just had her third baby and the looking after a baby thing set her off.
We have cats so the cute helpless thing won’t work.
I already get berated for acting like a child…

So According to the other posts I have to either, Go sterile, or fake a groin injury. Cripes I’m in trouble.

Go to the grocery store.

Buy 1 dozen eggs, & a block of ice.

Put 1 egg on the ice block, & let her try to hatch it, while you feed her raw fish.

She’s just homesick for Antarctica. Indulge her.

You fool! Don’t you watch those National Geographic and Nature Channel specials?
The Male penguin gets stuck with tending the egg and the chick as much as the female.

I’m not saying that kingpegvin shouldn’t watch out for their kids. But you’re condemning him to sit on an egg on a block of ice that he doesn’t want.

kingpenvin, maybe you should tell her that you don’t want to have more kids at this moment. This is something both of you have to want.

Why doesn’t he want the block of ice? :confused:

Does he take his whiskey straight? :smiley:

Why doesn’t he want the block of ice? :confused:

Does he take his whiskey straight? :smiley:

If the situation was reversed, and you were trying to make her get pregnant despite her reluctance, there’d be understandable and justifiable outrage. Her forcing you into fatherhood again is no different and no less objectionable.

If you don’t want a baby right now, you’re going to have to learn to say no to her. And your wife has got to learn to respect you. You’re no more a sperm factory than she is your personal servant.

For the sake of your relationship with your wife and your next child, this is a decision both of you are going to have to agree upon.

Even better than a cat or dog-- a parrot. Loud messy fragile and high maintenance. Got one in February. Just called to renew my birth control for another year.

I agree with AudreyK. If you don’t want a kid, you shouldn’t have another. You might grow into wanting the new child, you also could end up resenting your wife and the baby.

Just explain to her that you DO want another one, just not right now. Tell her your current children are young and it tires you out, whatever, but make sure she understands it’s not what you want right now.

And don’t let her pressure you into it. That’s fighting dirty and that’s not what true love does.

So you don’t accidentally give birth to another parrot?

I think it’s because a parrot is loud, messy, fragile, and high maintenance enough to remind someone that they don’t want anything MORE loud, messy, fragile or high maintenance than a parrot.

Like…oh… a baby.

Thank you, Catsix. That is what I meant.

After a couple of days with my aunt’s parrot, capybara, I kind of figured that’s what you meant.

Cause that bird is only marginally less grating than taking care of an actual newborn baby (and only because it falls asleep if a blanket is put over its cage).