Helpful Job Hints

Hint #1024:
Do not brag to your company’s Systems Analyst
that you were able to crack 136 out of 141 passwords on his Internet server.

Hint #25:
When being constantly begged, whilst working on a pinball,
with “Mister, can I have a quarter.”
Do not respond with,
“No, but if you come home with me I’ll give you five dollars.”

Hint #1:
If you need a sharp edge to cut open a box,
do not carry the knife across the room
in a closed fist, upraised, Norman Bates position.


Servers need aircon too.


How Not To Open A Box.

It’s a work hint… Don’t turn off those aircon units at the weekend… otherwise computers will die.

Hint #84
Do not point at the picture on the boss’ desk and say, “Who’s the c*nt?”

Hint #41
When having a water cooler discussion at work, do not feel as though the discussion has to be about the water cooler.

Hint #16
It is a good idea to relieve stress before a big presentation. Rubbing one out on your desk to do so is not a good idea.

SSG Schwartz