Heroes 2/12 - Run! (SPOILERS)

Copied from the television guide:

Plus, the picture on NBC’s home page involves Hiro with a red and black feather boa. This should be fun, as always.

Hm… wonder if the crooked lawyer is Linderman? Or is that too obvious?

Well, some of us thought Nathan was too obvious last week, and look what happened. . .

One mind-wipe over the line…

Well, I always knew Ando was a total asstard.

Has Matt finally succumbed to the Dark Side? I think stealing the diamonds was mere misdirection. He will solve the case by himself because he’s such a lame-ass goody two-shoes.

And Claire’s mom is a ho.

That is all.

sing sitting downtown in a railway station one mind wipe over the line!

Does anyone know if there was a pre-bit shown durring “deal or no deal”?

Too much Claire. Always too much Claire.

Good use of evil Amazon showgirl. Syler especially good in this one, and best ever use of mind cop ability to date. Nice touch with hit mark snapped in half head to heels by doppelganger woman.

I’m confused about the $2 million. Has there been more than one $2 million owed to or paid to someone by Linderman? Didn’t Niki have the $2 million at one point?

When Markus commented about using the family powers to fight crime, shouldn’t that have been the first time Jessica learned Markus had a power? But Jessica didn’t appear to notice. We didn’t see Markus use his power when Niki needed money so badly. Shouldn’t this be news to Jessica?

Apologies if this is something I should know. I’ve only watched the episodes once.


There was a scene with Mohinder and Sylar talking with an older woman in what looked like a garage. She was talking about her ability, which is apparently super hearing, and then she looked at Sylar and mentioned how his heart rate had sped up and was he nervous about something.

Jessica stole money & Ghost Dad gave to Linderman’s stooge who then steals it for himslef and then Linderman hires Jessica to kill the thieving stooge. The circle is complete.

Jeezopete, it pisses me off that these things are going on in other places that I don’t watch. And I am NEVER going to watch Deal or No Deal. Grrr…

And did anybody else think that Matt and Jessica were in the emptiest building in the universe? Firing guns attracts absolutely NO notice.

I assume DL could have told her at some point. His name is Micah, BTW.

I myself was wondering if that was the same guy DL gave the money to, the money that was supposed to be returned to Linderman.

By the way, the kid’s name is Micah.

We heard the damn “somebody dies, somebody flies” all week, and now it turns out none of that happens till next week? what kinda crap is that.

I was all excited about posting “12 Quatloos on the blonde woman!” and the board shut down. Oh well, at least I would have won the bet.

I love the body language of Sylar. But how’d he get the shirt to fit?

The stooge died. The cop sorta flew out a window. Yeah, it’s a cheat.

Micah! Thanks, and sorry. (Not sure where Markus came from.)

Just posting to say…
Missy Pyle! Yay!

Where’s Otto?

Someone flies, someone dies next week too apparently. My bets on ‘dies’ is Memomto (does Claire’s mom have a Dope name yet?)

Is it worth it to think of a name for the new guy Sylar killed? Can we call him Chicken Melt?