Heroes - new season promo!

I don’t know what the season will be like, but I really loved the way they did this new season promo!

wonder how long i’ll have to wait to see this in the UK?

Huh, that looks…well, kinda cheesy honestly, but I’m still looking forward to it more than anything. :slight_smile:

I had only seen this one previously (NOTE - do not click unless you want to know for sure whether certain characters from last season died or not!!).

I just hope they bring Claude back. I think all the heroes could benefit greatly from his method of “training”.

Looks pretty cool. So is Sylar in the afterlife? (Maybe chatting with Dumbledore at King’s Cross?)

There’sthis from Comic-Con which I can’t find a clearer version of. Also Spoilery.

It looked like an artsy-fartsy promo mostly, and probably contains zero footage from the actual show.

I’m looking forward to it too though. Let’s see how the writers handle the fact the show is a success, and it did get renewed.

The writers on Lost kinda dicked around. Let’s hope the writers of Heroes don’t.