Hey Barkeep, I'll have what GeoJon is having

Get well soon, Perfect Administrator! :slight_smile:

A person would need a degree in Applied Hinking to understand that garbage.

That general thought got Justhink out of here, didn’t it? Post coherently or spread your trash someplace else, no matter if you’re using a machine to create crap or doing it manually (chemically?).

I doubt it. We’ve seen multiple ESL (English as a Second Language) posters here of varying degrees of skill, and none of them are or were as bad as GeoJon.

Hm. That would be more persuasive if we didn’t already have a history with a poster who had a similar MO: Justhink used a computer program to generate random pseudo-intellectual garbage and posted it here. The general randomness is repeated in GeoJon’s screeds.

Of course, The Hinker was known to post coherently when it suited him. That, and he practically admitted his crimes on another board. So it was an open-and-shut case once we started to look into it. I don’t think we have as much on GeoJon as of yet.

IIRC I think he was booted on suspicion of using a buzzword style text generator to create his posts. How he got away with it for so long I have no idea. People would actually debate with him, but nothing he ever posted actually made any sense.

I believe that the poll results he posted were collated by a script from that site.

The boy certainly can Hink though, can’t he?

No way. Justhink was way more coherent than this. GeoJon reminds me of that one poster who shows up every so often and posts something confusing and incoherent… name like that singer who had the swan dress (I’m not dissembling; I don’t remember the name.)

Bjork (Pronounced bee-YORK)
Um, what does “hink” mean? What’s the reference?

Oh, and get well soon, Lynn.


Just Hink

Is that the singer, or the poster I’m thinking of?

Justhink=just hink, or so was speculated.

Aaaaah…I see. Thanks.

Oh, another thing occurred to me-could our new friend be schizophrenic, perhaps?

bj0rn! That’s who GeoJon reminds me of!

I still wanna know if there is a GeoJon translator around.

Bjork was the singer. The poster’s name was bjorn.

There has been a worrisome development in Monkeyland. After creating the OP, and checking back to read the the responses, I have become more and more familiar with our new friend’s posting style. His posts are starting to make some sense to me. This can only mean one of two things. Either I have achieved a breakthrough in non-linear thinking and am now able to distinguish patterns in chaotic symptoms, or insanity is contagious and I’ve caught the mental equivalent of SARS. So, gentle reader, a word of warning before you delve deeper into the mental abyss that is GeoJon: Be afraid, be very afraid.

Perhaps. But if he is so low-functional he apparently cannot hold a coherent conversation, how is he able to post whatever he’s posting on an Internet message board?

I think the administration of this board needs to take a more hardline stance against posters like Justhink or GeoJon that spout incomprehensible babble and when asked for clarification spout even more confusing crap (if that’s possible) in response.

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Does not.

Flock almighty, and people accuse me of circumlocution or pompousness!

This guy says his location is NE Ohio, but he’s lying.

It’s the flaming moon (or beyond).

you know, one time I got really drunk and I swear Justhink’s posts started to make sense.

Looks like he’s feeling much better now.

He could very well have some kind of language disorder. He can handle most of life, including operating a computer, and he knows very well what he wants to say, but somewhere between his brain and his fingers it turns into ~~~~~~…

I’ve read about people like this. It’s actually quite horrifying. Imagine being totally clear in the head but totally unable to utter a coherent sentence.