Hey Jim's Son? Go fuck yourself

Better a nutjob than one who smears someone with a debilitating illness.

(Hint: protesting a war isn’t “smearing the troops”. Fuck you.)

What a jackass!

This guy is popping up all over the place lately.

I hope Jim is really disappointed in his son. If not we should feel a little sorry for a guy who had such an asshole for a father. But as the old saying goes, the apple doesn’t fall far from the dumbass.

He’s just coming out of a suspension for it. Got another warning for it yesterday. (Also got a suspension for it in 2013.)

Ten warnings? Jesus Christ, I’ve tried to walk the straight and narrow on this board for a long time. Had I known I could rack up so many warnings, things would have been different, man.

Ten warnings? :confused:

Wow! A pit thread in which you aren’t just showing up for the pile-on. Truly, I have have seen a miracle.

Not my son, but he is a great disappointment anyway.


You shoulda left him on Genesis.

You’re just jealous.


Nah, you aren’t Republican enough to get to ten without a ban.

Can’t ban the Republicans. Gotta keep the board from drifting any further Left, don’t you know.

Do you ever have anything constructive to add? Or do you just like to nip at peoples’ ankles?

Maybe, just maybe, after a decade or so of watching you do your toxic yinzer cunt thing, I just don’t like you. What? You thought that being the pile-on queen and a gossip/shit-stirrer across several boards was the path to being universally beloved?

Can we we concentrate on Jim’s Son? If you two want to get a room and work out your thinly-repressed sexual desires, fine. Just do it elsewhere.

As for the subject of the OP - Fuck 'em. SOB has been on Ignore for me for forever.

I don’t know what a yinzer is, but I think this is the first time I’ve seen someone call another poster a cunt since the banned words list was rescinded. It took me a second to remember we can use naughty words again.

I believe a yinzer is someone with a Pittsburgh accent.

we have a few posters with jim in their names that are weirdos ….boyo jim ….jim nightshade ….I figured he was with one of them ………

Or innumerate.

I’m not familiar with the subject of the OP, but anyone who thinks that protesting a war is smearing the troops can fuck right the fuck off. Anyone have a link to what Margot Kidder is alleged to have done smearwise?