hi again

a few days they told me to not post until my new account and old account was merged and if it wasn’t in 3 or 4 days to drop a line … .

And you thought they meant Earth days?

You should probably drop that line to whichever mod/admin you had dealings with, via PM or email. If you’re able to, anyway.

By “drop a line” I’m pretty sure they meant private message or email, not start another new thread.

Yup. You probably should contact engineer_comp_geek since he replied to you in your other thread. And don’t make another post. You could get dinged for disregarding moderator instructions. It’s best to go through official channels.

I sent an e-mail to the admins asking about it.

Please contact me via pm or e-mail if you don’t hear anything back from us.

Hope it all gets sorted soon, this is pretty nerve-wracking.