Hilary's got a Crush? Ewwwww!!!

I have to say, these pictures are just embarassing. Strangely more so than if she’d been caught topless.


OMG, an old woman has a crush on somebody!!! Somebody tell her she can’t have feelings, like young people !!

I think it’s hot.

Oh god, Hillary laughing and smiling like a normal person?! What’s next? Dogs and cats living together, mass hysteria? This can’t be good. :rolleyes:

Condi Rice and Jack Straw got on very well by all accounts when they were the Secretary of State/Foreign Secretary combo. I don’t think it’s that surprising that two people in that role could actually genuinely like each other, given that in matters of state each would be a relatively friendly voice.

OMG she’s actually touching someone! Call the police!

Elliot, leave her alone so she can phone home.

Good God, give her a break!

I don’t blame her - he’s cute!

Meh. Wake me up when she starts walking around with a suspicious stain on her lapel.

You know, I was all set to say, “She ain’t particularly attractive, but I’m not seeing the ‘ick’” and then you have to come along and say that.

Well you can just rock me to sleep tonight, asshole.

Is this link SFW? From the thread title I figured Hilary Swank.

Safe for work. Just tabloid BS.

Hillary Clinton.

“I need to know I can trust you, David.”
“Honest, Mrs. Clinton, I won’t *** in your mouth.”

It sounds like you really need to get a life. Or grow up. Or both.

I thought the leading conspiracy theory about Hillary was that she actually played for the other team. Anyway, she’s finally in the sort of position of power that she’s yearned for for her entire career, which largely consisted of decades of pushing husband Bill into the spotlight, wiping his mouth, and cleaning up after his mistakes. No wonder she’s happy. She’s not quite king, but she makes a hell of a Cardinal Richelieu.

Now I need to go back and dig into the old files about Nancy Reagan’s alleged dalliances with lesbian actresses and female prostitutes…


Sorry, kid, I’ve got you beat. Just listen to what kegels can do for you…

Meh, call me when she touches his cigar.

I looked through all of those pics looking for an ick. Even a really close hug, or something. But they are just…normal pics, of an older woman, smiling and laughing and looking happy.

Is this really what we are at, at a society? That when I am her age and smile and laugh, in public, with a younger man, people will point and say ‘ick’.

That explains the red coat.

Is this a Cardinal Richelieu reference, or some kind of lesbian subculture thing that my dyke friends haven’t let me in on?