Holiday periods and racist posts...WTF?

I’m starting to get the distinct impression that during the junior high school holiday periods in the United States, there’s a rise in racist postings on the SDMB.

Is it coincidence or am I just noticing a lot of juvenile angst (aka BS)?

Or people acting like juveniles.

People seem crankier and are jumping on people for no reason, I’ve seen. (No, this is not referring to anything in this thread.)

It doesn’t seem to me to be necessarily teen ansgt. It seems to me there are a fair number of people who would not want to run into the billy goats gruff.

Well, I’m not saying that there’s no such thing as teen angst. I’m just saying that it appears to me that since the rise in racist comments is during the school holiday, the racist posters might just be schoolkids despite their protests to the contrary. Of course, I haven’t done a statistical analysis yet.

Hell, why stop at schoolkids? It seems to me like most people (not just teenagers) have an increased amount of free time over the holidays, with being off work and such. Perhaps there are a large amount of college students and adults finding the boards right about now–some who will no doubt be valuable contributors, and some not so much.

TWG: Mighty fine point. There is, of course, the ol’ Cap’n Ed disaster.

I can’t use “captain ed” in the search. I’ve heard of that before, but what are some details?

CzechMaster: Do a search on thread titles in the Pit for “racist scumbag.”

From what I have noticed racism is too much of a older generation thing for schoolkids to cause much of a difference. It is more likely that the situation with Trent Lott simply caused discussion about what most people keep buried.

It’s funny you should say this. I was going to start a thread the other day asking if it was just me or if people here were really acting pissy the last couple of weeks or so. But I didn’t feel like hunting down links and getting flamed by people who objected to my drawing attention to their pissiness.

How dare you accuse me!! Get him!!!


Hey, I’ll go Jack f’ing Bauer on your ass, Mr Crankypants!