Hope Springs Eternal: Another shot at a Miami Dopefest

Despite having had a rather underwhelming response to previous attempts at getting people to come to Miami, UncleBill and I, being hopeless romantics, decided to try one more time to get the ball rolling on one of these things. We’re thinking February. Possibly Presidents’ Day weekend (2/14-17), which is coincidentally Valentine’s Day weekend (SEX IN MIAMI!), though the date can be flexible if there’s a strong preference for another weekend.

We have a guest room with double bed, queen size sofa bed and also a double size air mattress, so we can host up to three couples (or simply six very friendly folks) indoors, plus a large backyard to camp in, bringing the number of potential houseguests up to, oh, a lot. There are also numerous hotels in the area if you’re allergic to cats or simply prefer to reject our hospitality.

Here’s a sampling of what we got goin’ on here, mostly shamelessly lifted from a post of my husband’s, because he’s an utter geek at doing this kind of research:

Attractions and stuff
Biltmore Hotel
Venetian Pool
South Beach at night
South Beach during the day
Miami Seaquarium
Miami Metro Zoo (there is supposed to be more information here, but as of the time of this writing, the site appears to have been hacked)

Miracle Mile
Lincoln Road

Further South
Everglades Alligator Farm
Coral Castle
Pennekamp State Park, home of the Underwater Jesus

Plus the inevitable much, much more! And I’m not even gonna talk about the weather. In February. In the subtropics.

So, whaddaya say, folks? ARE YOU WITH ME HERE?

Why, Yes! That sounds fabulous, what a nice time of year for a fun weekend in a beautiful city. And what’s this? Free Lodging at your place? How sweet! You can sure count ME in, and I’ll tell all my friends, too! Thanks, Geobabe!

Why, UncleBill, that would be utterly faaaabulous! I’m so glad you’ll be attending!

Yeah, nice unbiased endorsement there, Unc. Looks like you Miami dopers are about as organized as the Boston crowd.

For the record, “you Miami Dopers” refers to my husband and myself. There don’t seem to even be any others here, at least none that have revealed themselves.

Hey, look at the bright side. This will be a Fest where everybody sleeps with everybody else…D&R

Aren’t they all like that?

not for me. I’d need that guy’s powerball ticket to get any.


Count me in. Any musician types among us down in SoFla?

We have some musical types as close as Tampa, and some good music appreciators in Orlando…

Look on the bright side - this means every day is a continuing Miami Dopefest for the two of you! :slight_smile:
Didn’t SuaSponte move down thataway a few months back?

Yes, and I’ve emailed him since he doesn’t hang out in MPSIMS too much.

I’m going to be in Miami in March, sometime for a clinical investigator’s meeting for work. Not sure when yet though. I’ll try to find out today.

I’m in Davie (only 1/2 hour to the north) so I’ll be there.

Very cool. If it happens, I’ll be there, Feb 16th is the date of my yearly pilgrimage to Miami. Btw, what happens at a reunion?

DopeFests typically have a Friday night group dinner for thos who are town at that time, then some sort of cultural/fun/interesting outing Saturday midday to afternoon, then another group dinner Saturday night, and a breakfast-y get together before people have to get back on the road. I hear that drinking is sometimes included.

Hope you can make it, MONTY2, it’s a shame we live so close and haven’t met yet!

I dont think I will be able to make it down.

Miami scares me :slight_smile:

Tampa weenie. And NO, we will not relocate. Well, maybe if it was to Orlando. But not Tampa.

If you’d have me and I can get over my phobia of meeting new people, I’d love to come. I’m only about 15 minutes north. It sounds fun.

(I should tell you up front that I’m not of legal drinking age, if that matters.)