Hope Springs Eternal: Another shot at a Miami Dopefest

Hey, Quonk! The host and hostess don’t drink, so this probably won’t REVOLVE around drinking, more like dinner in CocoWalk, some fun thing Saturday, and then more food. And we are not new people, I myself have been around over 13,000 days.

Sounds fun. I’ll have to wait until the dates get closer to firm up work schedules, etc., but Miami is well within spittin’ distance, and who wouldn’t want to swap spit with a geobabe?

(calm down, geohunk, it was just a rhetorical question)
(heh, heh, heh, I think he bought it geobabe now let’s . . . what? He’s stilll reading? Oh.
Nice kitty.)

Oh man. It’s 6 weeks away. I want to commit. I WANT to commit. But then, I don’t want to commit and then back out the way I did last time. I can’t deal with that kind of shame!

I say maybe.

MAYBE! At least I didn’t wuss out right away like pezpunk. Can you believe that sissy?

Katie, I will hound you mercilessly until you say yes. How’s that sound?

Fabulous! In fact, I’ll send you my work email address if you think it’ll help. And I’m going to call you “Ming”.

Dear Katie,

Come to Miami.


Dear Everybody Else,

Come to Miami.


Well, it looks like I’ll be off defending freedom and liberty and apple pie and Ted Nugent, so you’ll just have to drink one for me while you’re there.

See ya!

So. We’ve got interest from:
Zappo (via LiveJournal)
And possibly
Spiritus Mundi
and the lovely katiekilldare

And not that I don’t like those who have responded so far, but it’s still a very small number. Is it the timing, or is it just that nobody is interested in coming to Miami? Would a different weekend work better, or does anyone want to move it to Orlando? (Not Tampa. Never Tampa.)

I would like to go. Unfortunately my brother lives in Miami, and under no circumstance do I want to go there except to spend time in his house (and he wouldn’t let me go out with dopers). His birthday party is just the weekend before the 14, so I don’t think I will be able to return to Miami.

I may make it to Orlando (which is cheaper with Greyhound, anyways).

Well, let me say that I am roughly a million times more likely to attend a fest in Orlando. I would just have no excuse to miss it.

However, I’m not saying it should be moved. I’m also not saying I wouldn’t make my way down to Miami if that’s where it stays.

There was a thread a couple of months about an Orlando Dopefest in late January/early February. Let me see if I can find it.

But, just out of curiousity, is pezpunk frightened of Orlando?

I think pezpunk is just a weenie in general.

Here’s that other thread.

Looks like everyone lost interest.

Alas, I shall be in the cold cruel north that weekend - possibly birthday partying at a VaDope. Another weekend would possibly be doable. And Orlando would be more doable, since Miami is a honkin’ long drive from Jax and my van is a piece of crap.

FCM you could drive to Orlando in your crappy van, then come the rest of the way with KATIE!

No comment

Well, you are. Afraid to come to Miami. snort :stuck_out_tongue:

I read “Another Shot at a Miami Dopefest” as a news headline and thought: “Someone got shot at a Miami Dopefest?”

I need a vacation.

Well make sure you don’t vacation in Miami.

It’s dangerous.

Is that what they mean when they say the Gulf Coast isn’t as “muggy”? :wink:

So, is this thing still on?