Hotel room pranks

The OP appears to have checked out of this room.

Let’s booby-trap it before he returns!



(Or is that why he hasn’t? He ‘dropped a deuce’ by opening the thread, and took off as fast as he could. He’s already taken a right at Reddit (r/dickmoves), a left at Albuquerque, and is heading for 4chan by now…)

Well, they didn’t Open it in the pit, they may have gotten . . . cautious of replying once the mods moved it here. As well they should.

For some reason I love the added detail of “with a ski”. It’s the little touches that count.

But still, don’t assault people.

It’s stolen from the show New Girl. There’s a scene where they talk about how one of the characters has no sense of proportion with pranks. He either wants to go way too small, with some kind of piddly little thing that no one would notice, or way too big, such as hitting someone in the throat with a ski.

That’s a Marvel Comics origin story if I ever heard one!

Bedbug Man!

The closest I get to a hotel room prank is when I line up the tip to look like a couple of singles but there’s a ten dollar bill on the bottom. I picture whoever makes up the room thinking, “Oh well, two bucks is two bucks” and then being surprised by the ten-spot. I guess it doesn’t take much to amuse me.

Let’s ask a Mod to change his password for when he logs back in!

(I vote for “DirtBagAssHat”.) Oh, what Fun it will be…!

I was going for the online equivalent of a flaming bag of dog shit. Hilarity.

I feel obligated to point out that uranium is an alpha source, and hence a mattress would provide far more than adequate shielding. Alpha sources are only a problem if they get inside of the body. A proper prank (or metahuman origin story) would require a gamma or neutron source.

Ought I shake my fist and snarl, “We would have gotten away with it, if it hadn’t been for you meddling kids and your inverse square law!”?

When they ask if I have a floor preference, I like to say “yes, I prefer a floor! They can just hang you from the ceiling? I had no idea!”

I also leave a severed limb wrapped in the bed sheets when I check out. Can you just imagine the look on the housekeeper…

…or an unimpressed Mr. Woltz.

OP beat us to that one.

I guess we got pwned.

That’s why my favorite prank was to open one of those $5.00 bottles of water they have lying around and put in just a pinch of left over polonium-210 I have lying around and close it up again for the next person. Hillarious! That prank absolutely killed back back in my days with the KGB.

I like this one and will prank hotel maids as well.

I like this prank as well.

I’ve pulled it before, on a pizza delivery guy. I always try to tip well, especially on small orders ……because the time an effort involved in getting one pizza to my apartment isn’t substantially less than it would be for six pizzas.

So, the delivery guy handed me my one pizza, and I handed him three bills, two singles and a five. The five was on the bottom. The guy glanced at the money and tepidly thanked me. I closed the apartment door.

A few seconds later I hear a loud WOO-HOO from the hall, followed by “THANKS LADY!” It was a totally awesome prank and possibly the best five bucks I’ve ever spent.

Interesting. My dad had an old army buddy that worked for a mining company. They mined uranium, and the buddy gave my dad a few samples in a heavy canvas bag. We weren’t supposed to touch it, but well…

A kid who lived one block over hated the kid who lived across the street from him. He wanted to take the samples and “split” them with a hammer to make an atom bomb to drop on the hated kid. Made total sense when I was around four.

But I’m glad to know it wasn’t that dangerous to handle.