House 2/14 You Must Remember This

A patient who never forgets anything has a conflict with her sister; House discovers Wilson’s new secret companion.

A bump.

I watched it but I’m really getting tired of it. It gets more ridiculous every week and I don’t like dr. new girl at all.

And yet here I am still watching. I just keep hoping for some of that old spark.

The Foreman/Taub story was fun though.

I missed the first 20 minutes. I’m not worried about a recap, as I’ll just watch it on Hulu next week, but I am curious to know if they put Olivia Wilde back in the credits this week.

She was there.

I can’t understand why she still works for him. Even if she can’t find the nerve to quit or stand up to him, you’d think she would have just stopped showing up to work. She’s certainly smart enough to know that if he started pestering her, she could call Cuddy and she could get him to knock it off. And short of any legal problems he might cause (and I don’t think he would), any hospital in the area would probably understand why she walked off the job and Cuddy would probably give her a good review anyways. The whole situation just seems very unrealistic.

Yeah, because THAT’S the most unrealistic thing about the show. :smiley:

My big problem was the idea that House let Wilson’s old cat out the window. I don’t think even Wilson would forgive that. and I certainly don’t think Cuddy woudl have just blown it off. That’s psychopathic.

No, but it’s one of the things that get’s under my skin. Suspension of disbelief and all that.

It did lead to the part where House was trying to coax the new cat out the open window though. Maybe he really didn’t let the cat out and was just lying.

I usually enjoy even the weakest and least believable episodes, but this one I just found, er… forgettable.

Yeah, we’re still watching here but the plots (if you can call them that) are getting more cliched by the minute and the characters make House look sympathetic. Plus, I’m really tired of House screwing with poor Wilson. I know he should stand up for himself, but House is so far over the line (and Cuddy is okay with that?) that it’s no longer funny.

I told my husband last night, as soon as the mouse appeared, I’d always question everything in my life to see if House engineered it. It’s just too much.

/shark in sight

Especially because it was a *white *rat, and so was clearly put there and not just a wild animal.

I don’t know the name of the actress who played the patient, but does she ever *not *play a soft-spoken women with a weird halting way of speaking who ends up having mental problems? I think this is the third show in which I’ve seen her play the same character type.

My first thought was to wonder why House brought home a lab rat.

Heh. That’s what I said when we were watching the episode - if you don’t want someone to think it was planted, you don’t use a white rodent since they’re obviously domesticated.

I wonder why House never says who the music in the episodes was by, like some other shows do.

bar scene --> The Constellations “Felicia” (my favorite song about oral sex)
end --> Wilco “How To Fight Loneliness”

These are pretty much all shows marketed to a younger audience, with special deals with the artists, usually on the WB.

Eh, that doesn’t seem so unrealistic. The girl is a uber-nerd and is WAY too concerned about things like status, grades and never failing. She’s not tolerating this because she thinks she has to, she’s doing because it’s a challenge for her, a very difficult class that she has to ace. This abuse she takes is no different than her abusing Ritalin, developing an eating disorder and staying up all hours to get a straight As in that one 22 credit hour semester. She’s just as pathologically screwed up as everyone else, her flaw is just veiled in an attempt to be perfect. And walking away from House would be quitting, failing in the most shameful way.

As for the episode as a whole, I liked it a lot. It was in many ways a bit of a throwback to season one, with House tormenting Wilson in playful ways that are generally in his best interest, even if he doesn’t realize it. There were laughs and some actual time with House and Wilson doing things friends would do. I was glad for a bit of a break from the Cuddy relationship. The scenes with Foreman and Taub were solid and I think some good humor could come from the roommate situation. The POTW was pretty forgettable and they didn’t really do much with her memory, but all in all the patients are usually the least interesting part of the show.

I thought the rat was a gift to the cat from house showing that he’d accepted it since Wilson had gotten (so he thought) laid. Same reason he finally removed the plant that triggered Wilson’s allergy.

This one didn’t thrill me, either, especially after the incredible scenery-chewing of last week’s episode about Cuddy’s mom.

I can’t stand Dr. New Girl either. Her face irritates me, and her behaviour is annoying.

Yeah, her double chin is kind of off-putting. Especially in someone so young. Oh, was that superficial? Sorry!!