Household jobs you like to do

  1. Remodling.

  2. Wiring the place. power outlets, telephone jacks, stereo speakers, new appliances, video jacks, networks, etc.

  3. Building things.

  4. Building new computer systems and constantly changing the ones I have.

  5. Setting up home entertainment centers. Most people I know just can’t get the DVD, VCR, satelite system, TV, and surround system to work right. For a little extra excitement you can interface that for video and audio to and from your home computer.

  6. Fixing electronic stuff.

Cutting, cooking, frying, sauteing, and anything else which needs to be done in the kitchen with the exception of baking and cleaning.
GBS takes up the slack in that department.


Bringing order out of chaos.

I don’t mind dusting, and I find a weird satisfaction in cleaning the bathroom, especially the shower. Something gratifying about the instant results (There was hair there, now there isn’t! Wow! :slight_smile: )


I like doing laundry…something about the warmth and smell of clean clothes afterwards. My house may look like a bomb hit it and the dishes may be piled up in the sink, but you won’t find dirty clothes laying around because I can’t stand seeing it laying around, so I wash clothes just about every day.

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I like doing laundry - I think it’s the thrill of having a washer and dryer in the house and not having to trek down 2 flights of stairs or to a laundromat after years of apartments.

I also have a weird tendency to get drunk and start cleaning. It’s really the only time I’ve ever compelled to clean everything. I’ve been known to disappear with a houseful of drunk friends and clean the entire bathroom, or re-organize my kitchen. What can I say? I’m a freak. :slight_smile:

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Valerie, you want to come visit? I’ve got beer…

Anyway, I like cleaning the bathroom 'cause it’s a quick and painless task. Mainly wiping everything down and using the scrubbing bubbles. Way back in the day when my mom would tell my sister and I, “Have at least one room each cleaned before I get home”, we’d fight over the bathroom (only because the hall didn’t count as a room).

I also like doing laundry because you can put a load in, watch TV for a half hour, toss it in the drier (the clothes, not the TV), watch another half hour and if the phone rings, you can say “I’m doing laundry” and it sounds like you’re actually working.

Polishing the silver is fun. So shiney afterwards.

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I really like painting. I mean, painting walls. It really scares me.

I like washing dishes ( really) and doing laundry, but it’s the putting them away that has me constantly devising the “perfect” kitchen in my mind: a cupboard that you stick the dirty dishes in and it washes them. A laundry room/large organizer for everyone in the family’s basic clothing ( undies, socks, tshirts, unwrinkable clothing.)

when I perfect any of these in my mind. I will let you all know.

Of course, you are looking at someone who would like to have a cement floor in the living room just to hose it off when it gets to dirty and to build a self cleaning bathroom. ( Door and windows seal up. Toilet paper is protected. The room is steam cleaned in under 5 minutes.Perhaps I could have wrinkly clothes hang in there and save me the problem of inventing a dry cleaning closet.)

Gonna have to echo the laundry thing! It’s too cold now to hang everything outside and I really miss that… the feel and scent of wet clothes… the feeling of taking them down and they are warm from the sun… very sensual in its way…

I also like making the bed. Mainly because I like to mess it up with the right person :wink:


I read an article on somebody that was designing a self cleaning bathroom for use in gas stations. They closed the door and started the clean cycle, before they went home. This was a while back. I wonder if he ever sold them to any stations.

Valerieblaise: I thought I was the only one who did that! Being a night owl forced into a daytime schedule, I’ve been known to pop a bottle of wine, put on some jazz, and then go on a sip-and-cleaning jag that ends about 4 a.m. Then I crash and wake up to a gleaming house.

I love:

  • remodeling and painting. Hey, I can spackle, heat gun paint, sand and patch plaster like a sonofagun.
  • ditto laundry; clean clothes smell; yum!
  • cooking; I love the chopping, measuring, the mise en place thing. I’m compulsive about washing up little bits “betweens”, so the kitchen is actually pretty clear when the food is ready.
  • polishing and waxing furniture. Too bad I loathe, hate and abominate vacuuming the dust off first.

Actually, the cleaning part is fun and rewarding. It’s the putting away crap and clutter first that drives me nuts.


Didn’t somebody invent a self cleaning porta john? It was suppose to sanitize itself after every visitor. I thought it was in NY that they were testing this.

Yes, someone did invent such a thing, and I’ve heard they are pretty common in European cities.

There was a program in the works not too many years ago to make public toilets more widely available in New York City, but a controversy arose over handicapped access and the project was abandoned.


Yeah, Superloos™ are indeed self cleaning. New Zealand has plenty of them - I think they have an NZ design.

They’re meant to detect if there is someone inside still, but they really only check for movement. They beep a warning, but some people still get caught and sluiced.

It’s actually kind of dangerous.

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Laundry isn’t so bad and I actually like ironing a fresh batch of shirts for the work week. My dad is pathological about ironing though, probably where I get it. Before he was paralyzed and still working as a teamster he’d wear blue jeans with creases you could cut your hand on.

I excluded remodeling and building as I consider that outside the realm of “household chores” but that’s what I really love. Nothing like taking a Sawzall to the kitchen and several hours later having a diswasher installed.

I love cooking – in fact, that’s how I procrastinate. If any of you want to come over and clean or do the laundry, I will be happy to feed you…

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I like to cook unless I’m really hungry – then it’s whatever I can microwave quickest.

I’ll empty and then load the dishwasher if I’m restless and looking for something to do, but if I stop and think about it I don’t like it.

Like I said in the other housework thread… I hated dusting til I met my englishman… not I do it whenever the oportunity presents itself!

I really try to be good but it just isn’t in my nature!

i like cooking

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