How come I have to sign in every time?

It calls up a box with my old user name, which I have to change, and I can’t tell what password it’s trying to get me to use, but if I use it it doesn’t work, so I have to type it in, every single time, but there is no feature to save this workload. I’m not stupid. I’ve been here forever. Where’s the button, Max?

I don’t know but I haven’t had to log in manually since Migration 1st and that’s across two devices. It’s probably a browser thing more than an SDMB thing.

Try logging in, and then re-saving that as your bookmark.

Popular options:

  • You are browsing in “private” mode.
  • You are disallowing all cookies.

Further than that there are myriad options that can have the same result. Try installing a new browser and see if the behavior persists.

That’s what happens to me, for example.