How DO They Do This?

As a Star Wars fan, I finally got around to seeing the Episode II “fake ad” that has been floating around the Internet for some time (my procrastination is due to the fact that I have a slow connection for downloading videos). It is flawless and looks like a real ad. I’m probably naive on the aspects of creating videos, but how did they do that?

For those interested, here’s the fake ad:

PS: For those interested, the real trailer for Episode II will be revealed during this summer’s Planet of the Apes remake.

How did they do what? How did they put the video together or how did they get the supposedly stolen footage out of Lucas? If in fact this ad is fake… ie it is unauthorized, then one has to assume that film footage (which appears to be authentic) was somehow stolen from Lucas. Once that was done a fairly inexperience digital imaging person could put it all together and make it look real. The strange part is that the film images appear to be finished and balanced (optically) which usually happens after the final editing phase. I’m sure Lucas would love to know how the film got out too… must have been an inside job.

All footage in the fake trailer was taken from previously released films. There were clips from Anywhere But Here, Braveheart, The Phantom Menace, Higher Ground (Hayden Christensen’s TV show) etc. Some lightsabers were digitally added in the Braveheart scene. There was no actual footage from Episode II. George Lucas himself was apparently pretty impressed with the fake.

As for the real trailer…There have been rumours that FOX wants the trailer on The Planet Of The Apes but that Lucas wants to wait until around Thanksgiving.

Also it looked like they used Elizabeth, The Professional (I think) and either Stigmata or End of Days.

The Boba Fetts were created digitally (it’s the same one multiplied) and flipped, door added) and most important clue of all to it’s fakeness (apart from the fact that Gabriel Byrne and Chris Walken aren’t in the movie) is that it’s got nothing in it that actually happens in the final film.

Anyone familiar with the movies from which this pastiche was made could immediately recognize it as a fake. What would have gotten me suspicious was two things: 1) The overall aimlessness of the trailer. We get just the tiniest glimpse of what the movie is actually about. (“Every general leads in battle.” Yeah, I’ll bet. :rolleyes:) 2) The damn quad-Boba shot. Experience has taught me that ANYTHING which alludes to the supposed “Clone Wars” is a baldfaced lie. (I’m pretty sure it’s just one of the many, many things Lucas made up as he went along. Remember, he didn’t know in 1977 that this little tidbit would ever become an issue. Same deal with the Kessler run.)

Still, it looks very nice, and once again I’m stunned by what even ordinary Joes can do with a computer these days.

Er… Bad news, DKW. Episodes II and III are all about the Clone Wars.

Actually, DWK, I would have welcomed the overall aimlessness of this clip if it were authentic, as I’m getting really tired of trailers that spell out EVERYTHING, beginning, middle, end and even hinting at plot twists. But it was a pretty impressive bit of editing and splicing nonetheless – my goodness, I was more psyched for STAR WARS seeing that clip than I ever was seeing the real deal. No wonder George Lucas was impressed.

But not seeing Princess Amadela even once in regal attire, after all that was done with it in Episode I? Tsk, tsk. Shame.

Loved the hard tight look on Samuel L’s eyes toward the end.

Neptune, a helpful hint: if you explain what your question is about in your subject line, it’s easier for people who know about your topic to find it. I bet there are hundreds of people who skipped over this thread because they had no idea what it would be about. No one can read all the threads, we have to pick and choose.

Better title: Fake Episode II trailer.

GuanoLad - Really. Well, I still say that no trailer would ever be so bold as to show the actual clones that are the subject of these wars in a trailer…'least not if Lucas and pals wanted to keep any suspense for the movie.

Man, more than a year until showtime and already the hype is full blast. How far we’ve come.

The vagueness of the trailer is evidence that it’s not real? What about the authentic trailers for The Phantom Menace? All we got from those (especially the first one) was that there were going to be some droids with guns, some lightsaber duels, a jungle, and a freak with a red and black face.

I would expect the genuine trailer for Episode II, when it comes out, to follow the same pattern.

Hmm, you may be right about showing the clones. Hard to say - they are kind of central to the story, but they also don’t need to be prominent in a trailer to pique the interest…

There’s certainly plenty of spectacle that doesn’t directly involve clones.

I hope to christ it is a fake, i saw gasp JAR JAR BINKS!!! NOOOOOOO!!! :eek:


Dani - Yes, he’s in it. But so is Boba Fett. But only one Boba Fett. (There can be ONLY ONE!! :D)

One Boba Fett? Yeeeees…


But there may be other folk who aren’t Boba Fett but perhaps look somewhat like him. A bit.

Bad news–she isn’t the monarch anymore in Episode II. She’s a Senator.

Oh, yes. Both Boba Fett and Jar Jar will be in the next film. Read this and learn the terrible truth about Jar Jar!

Um, for the record (i.e. someone will most likely come along and show actual cites and facts pertaining to my post), Boba Fett wears armor that at some point in the Star Wars universe’s history was a uniform. Uniforms are usually not individually unique.

Lucas wouldn’t ever show clones that are the subject of the supposed Clone Wars? Ever see a stormtrooper? Ever wonder why they all look alike and you never see one with their helmet off? (Please note: this is most certainly speculation.)

Also, it was Kessle run, not Kessler. Kessler was a guy I went to high school and college with.

Actually, it was the Kessel Run, Spice mines of Kessel, etc. If you’re gonna pick nits, you’d better be right.

I deal only in phonetics. :wink: