How do you like your ex-?

I ask this, not just because “How do you like your eggs?” is up and runny, so to speak, but because twenty-odd years ago my wife and I invited a colleague of hers over for breakfast, and my wife asked him how he liked his eggs.

He went off on a twenty-minute rant, citing personality conflicts, things that really irritated him about her, etc. We didn’t get it at first, then were too fascinated by all this ranting, from someone we barely knew, to interrupt.

“My wife” btw is now MY ex-, and I really don’t care for her very much at all. I vacillate between rooting for a tragic fatal encounter with a streetcar and just wishing she’d get out of my life completely, but I do not like the woman at all. Not one tiny bit.

I wish him well. He’s had some problems recently, relating to issues he’s always had, but were absent throughout most of our relationship. He did some pretty cold things, though, as a result of his insecurities. I was smart enough to get away from it, and while we don’t keep in touch, I see him occasionally when I’m visiting mutual friends.
I don’t regret my relationship with him (or any relationship, for that matter) and while it wasn’t the healthiest, I learned a lot and have fond memories from it.

Amen. Except I don’t wish mine a premature fatal end. She the mother of our two kids and she’s a good mom. For their sake, I want her to be there for them. Other than that… I wish I never had to cross paths with her again. Alas, we’re still devoted parents and remain civil and co-operative for the sake of the kids. It’s not always an easy thing to do.

I rather like him. We’re much better friends than we were spouses; we should’ve stuck with that. He’s my poker coach now, so he still gets to tell me what I do wrong.

I’m on the best of terms with my ex-fiancée, and we talk on the phone every week or two.

An ex-g/f, with whom I haven’t spoken in ten years, says the biggest mistake of her life was not marrying me. (I used to work with a girl who was the bassist for the L.A. industrial band Partly Cloudy. They had a song… You blew it. You really blew it. You had your chance. but then you fucked up. :stuck_out_tongue: ) We exchange emails daily.

I was still friends with another g/f, until her new b/f told her she couldn’t have any male friends.

I’m just a likable guy. :smiley:

Haven’t seen my ex-bf in years and I’m glad. He was mean and manipulative, and although I learned a lot from the bad relationship, I’m extremely happy to have moved on.

Don’t know what he’s doing now, and don’t really care. If I heard of anything bad happening to him I wouldn’t necessarily throw a party, but I wouldn’t have more than a few seconds of “what a shame” thoughts before getting onto other things.

For the first couple of years, I vacillated between wishing her the best life possible and wishing a piano would drop out of the sky onto her head.

Now, almost 12 years after the divorce, I’m indifferent to her existence. I view the time spent with her as unfortunately wasted but that’s about all.

We had no kids so once the property was divided we had no reason to maintain contact - and we haven’t.

The reason a divorce is so expensive? It’s worth it!


I like her much better now than after we got divorced. We’re good in very small doses – the occasional email, etc.

It also helps that we’re half a continent apart.

I get along with my ex-wife. We’re not really friends, more like well-wishers, I suppose. She’s great with the kids, and we get along great, except for the occassional fight. I generally hope that she’s happy and gets the things she wants, and it’s nice to chat with her sometimes, but she’s not someone that’s really part of my life now.

For several years after The Divorce, I would have liked Worthless Butthead poached, shredded, drizzled with hollandaise and served on a silver platter. With those pretty little carved radish roses, on a bed of parsley.

Then, one morning, my (current) hub was reading the paper, and said “Uhm, babe, you might want to read this. There’s an obituary for Worthless.”

“Oh, that’s too bad.” Flip the sausage, “Who’s Worthless? Do we know him?”

“You do. Worthless D. Butthead”

Oh. That Worthless.

Well, I didn’t enjoy it nearly as much as I expected, but I do have to admit I wish I had had a chance to carve a special little radish rose.

Eh. I wouldn’t mind my two ex-girlfriends getting run over by a bus. I’m sure the first feels the same way about me.

Ex-fuck-buddies are OK except for one, who I also wouldn’t cry for.

I don’t really talk to any of them anymore, though. Occasionally I’ll catch up with one but it happens a lot less than it used to. Back when I was single I used to call my ex-FBs at 0-dark-30 when I couldn’t get to sleep and we’d talk about our problems, but I don’t really need to do that anymore. I sleep great now that I’m going out with my current girlfriend :cool:

I’d like my ex butchered, bled, hung until aged, and then trussed, glazed with honey and mustard, and roasted in a slow oven with pumpkin, kumara and new potatoes, basting occasionally. Then I’d buy some rats so that they could eat the bitch. Then I’d drown the rats.

My most recent ex - can’t stand him - I’m terrified of running into him although I’ve avoided it for the past 3 years - he’s an alcoholic and a loser and I am still ashamed that I was ever with him.

My ex before that - one of my very best friends! I am very glad to have him in my life, and even MORE glad that my husband is so cool with our friendship.

First ex: Frankly, scared to death of him, though now that I live 3000 miles away from him, I feel much safer. However, I still have nightmares about him beating me, and saying that if he’s going to hell, he’s taking me with him. Not cool. Sometimes as I’m just starting to drift off to sleep, I suddenly relive the freakish, screaming rant he went on, breaking things and throwing things at me, tearing his own hair out, pulling the phone cord out of the wall, and blocking my exit from the house, when he thought I might possibly be* thinking * about breaking up with him. And how smug he was later, when he smiled at me and told me he knew he scared me into staying with him, but that was good enough for him. I wake up shaking, sweating, and crying.

I loathe him.
Second ex: Who?

I wish her well, though I don’t wish to maintian a close friendship with her. I did at one point, but when she revealed that she cheated on me way back in the day, it kind of soured my image of her. It would have saved a lot of pain if she had just told me sooner.

What he said.

two of my last four, and four of my ever- exes are some of my best friends.

the ones who don’t get along, just get dropped, and pretty much forgotten. the ones who do get along, tend to stick around. i think that this is largely due to several of my relationships ending due to one of us moving to a new residence and/or a new job/schedule, and just in the impractibility of continuing relationships as they were… but with a desire to continue at least some kind of relationship.

a couple of these are now long-distance friendships, but valued friendships nonetheless.

i guess a large part is played out in how the original relationship ends, though there is also the reaction to that ending of the original relationship to be considered.

penultimate ex - get on great with her, think she’s wonderful, would probably get back together with her if geography wasn’t totally in the way.
current ex - use me to make your ex jealous and not even treat me to lunch!!! Grrrr…

One of them can die. :smiley:

Most of them are okay guys and with some I wish we were still friends, but we’re not. My fault, so I won’t press matters.

One of them was my best friend for three years before we got together, then we got together for three years, and we broke up… maybe three years ago. The threes abound! We currently live on opposite coasts. Anyway, he’s still my best friend (well, tied for the position), and we pretty much just want to hurry up and live in the same town so we can start a freaking band already!