How I sent elephant sh*t to Ajit Pai

If you guys don’t know who Ajit Pai is, he’s the FCC chairman who repealed net neutrality. If you don’t know what net neutrality you should look it up as it will effect everyone and everything connected to the internet. That aside this is how I got my revenge on Ajit Pai. It’s quite obvious how much disdain everyone has a Ajit Pai myself included. He is taking away one of things I love most in the world, I couldn’t Just stand and watch it happen, so I decide to get revenge. How you may ask? Well I did what any rational man does when there is destroying something he loves. I sent a box to his house which had a giant pile of elephant sht to his house. I can only imagine him getting a box and opening it just to find a giant pile of feces. I got my revenge, which is wonderful but it made me think. What if everyone In this forum were to also sent a box of sht to him. So get some sh*t and send it to Ajit Pai.doing this will show Ajait Pai what happens when you take away our internet, and get your revenge.
Note: In my eyes sending poop to someone is a way to voice my opinion which is protected as my right of free speech. However if you do decide to do this please don’t show your discontent by escalating this to anything illegal. As there is a narrow line between voicing your opinion, and doing something that could be against the law.
P.S. I read the rules and this post didn’t seem to break any rules, but I’m still quite new to this forum, so if this post breaks any rules please let me know and I will delete it immediately.

1 tube Crescent rolls
1 Slice apple per triangle
Sprinkle with cinnamon & sugar
Roll up & Bake for 11-13 minutes at 350 degrees.

“Someone has sent me a bowel movement!”

p.s. OP, do you work at a zoo?

Where does one get elephant shit from? I’m scared to google because I’m sure I’ll find it.

Next up: Ajit Pai subscribes and posts to the “weirdest unsolicited mail” thread.

Don’t send animal feces through the U.S. mail, please (small amounts, properly labeled as lab specimens, may be sent to labs).

Sending it by courier? I don’t give a shit (heh). Using FedEx or UPS? Be aware that they often contract for last-mile delivery by the USPS, so probably not a good idea.

Fertilizer company?

Edited: whoa, it’s really possible! Google “poop senders”. I don’t know how it’s legal, but it looks legit. And they have different, um, varieties.

Too late. It’s posted here for all posterity.

From an elephant. Didn’t even need to Google it.

By the way, you’re allowed to use swear words like shit here.

@snfaulkner snfaulkner is online now
Guest I’ll send a pm to you with a link

Anyone got a recipe for ‘shit on a shingle’ ?
I am some kinda hungry!

Good to know now I’m going to swear the shit out of this forum

Nope you can buy it online

You know who else gets excited at using naughty words?
Four year olds.

If he does, let’s hike his membership to $2,000. Get rid of Doper neutrality!

@running coach I sent shit to the house of a man who pissed me off, what would make you think I’m more mature than a 4 year old. FCC

Check and mate.


@Beckdawrek By shit I mean poop, feces, crap, excrement, a number2, butt fudge, etc. I sent it to him