How Many Boobs Did You See Last Night?

Well, I didn’t see Heidi’s boobs, but I definitely saw more than one pair twice. Lessee here, not counting repeats, I think I saw about

17 Boobs!

Thanks to all the ladies who participated. Especially the ones on piggyback :smiley: . Also, to all the guys with cameras: chill out. You’re not helping.

Well, if man boobs count, then two, and that was when I was taking a shower by myself. :frowning:

Man boobs only count if you find them erotic.

We rented porn last night. I lost count.

1 pair… and a very lovely pair they were.

I’m looking at boobs right now.

Being a breastfeeding mommy is good for that. :smiley:

Right there with ya, tlw. I swear, my fiance has seen more of my boobies in the last 5 months than ever before…but there’s usually a baby attached.

Well, none…last night. :wink:

Not nearly enough.

Hmmm, not counting repeats…probably 10 sets of boobies.

Me love Soulard. heh.


17 boobs? What, one girl only had one boob? Or did one have three?

Just mine, but I can’t stop looking; they’ve gotten enormous! At least a cup size larger than normal and who knows how much bigger these puppies are gonna get before Aunt Flo finally shows up.
I’m scared.

Well click here between now and Tuesday and you may get your chance to see more!!!

Just two. But I can look at them any time I want to.
Sometimes I can just sit there and like… stare at them. For hours.:stuck_out_tongue:

  1. My wife’s, and Dubya was on TV.

One woman did indeed have one boob - at least, only one that I could be sure of. She yanked down only one side of her shirt. Asymmetry is not a good look for street flashers.

When I am Emperor this abhorrent practice will be banned.

Not enough…

I saw 2. They were fighting. I gave them game misconducts.


Seventeen? Wow, you must be using Viagra!
Me, I’d have to call it a night after ten.

Just the one.