How many lurkers are there?

I’m on the Straight Dope website nearly every day, but it’s not too common that I post.

I’d like to post more often, but I just don’t have that much to say. :slight_smile:

Does anyone have an estimate of how many lurkers there are on the board?

How big an effect would it have if every lurker were as proficient as Flamsterette_X?

( who has almost 20 posts a day! )

Well, there is me for starters, but I guess I am not a ‘lurker’ anymore?
I’d imagine that there must be lots of people who read the boards for the entertainment value, but are like me far too intimidated to actually post, because everyone seems so knowledgeable and funny.

For some of us, it’s not that we’re too intimidated to post, we’re just too lazy.

I lurker…there…i said it…are you happy?

see…and that is why i lurk…cuz i alway make stupid typos and never go back and read before post…which makes me look not so smart!

above post should read…‘i’m a lurker’ :wink:

dammit i did it again…im not saying another word!!!

i lurk. alot.

Another regular lurker here. Don’t post very often, but I do keep up with many of the regular threads.


I’m on here nearly every day, too. I tend to write posts, but chicken out before I hit the “post” button. I’m tryin’, though, I am! I guess that a lot of the time, I feel that whatever it is that I have to say has already been said.

This place rocks, by the way. It’s frighteningly addictive tho! :slight_smile:

Sorry, that was supposed to be “though”. I’m temporarily stuck on chat-speak.

Oh, there are a few of us about. Those with old registration dates and small post counts - I thought I was among them until this thread . . . BelZarak, Luna Child & masafer - I stand humbled. I am no master lurker. Suppose I will have to stick to masterbat -


I’m a selective lurker…

And on top of that, when I actually have something interesting to say, someone else has already said it. And they’ve said it better than I ever could. :mad: :smiley:

steps out of shadows

Yes, I’m a lurker. I never really have much to say. But I read the SD almost everyday.
steps back into shadows

I generally lurk more than I post, probably because I’m lazy.

Do you ever have the feeling. . . . your being watched?

I think I remember reading in ATMB that the SDMB gets over a million views per day. I don’t think we’ve hit 2 million posts yet. That’s a lot of lurking.

Welcome to the boards, stupidgirl! Or, more specifically, welcome from the shadows.

By the way, I think Molly Coddle may have joined too recently to qualify as a lurker. Wait a month or two, and then you can call yourself a lurker.

Yes…I lurk. Lurkidy lurk lurk lurk. Day in, day out, I’ll be lurkin’.


I swear, about half of my posts are in threads like this one…

Yeah, I think I am. I have been here longer than it looks though. My registration was lost in the hack.

Generally I lurk because what I believe has already been said.