How many sex partners per year have you had...

…since you became sexually active?

For the numerator, use whatever act you count toward your “number.” I’m not looking for an argument over whether a drunken BJ in a bathroom counts as a partner or not. Personally, I’m just counting intercourse.

For the denominator, use your current age minus the age that you lost your “virginity.” Again, your virginity is what you make of it. Personally, I’ve been active for 18 years, nine of which were in an exclusive relationship.


Depending on what your definition of is is I can count them on one hand. And that includes the hand. [sigh]

.21, if I did the math correctly based on your example.

Oh, I totally did that wrong.

Okay. .22222…

Yeah, in case there are any questions about the math:

Mine is 22 partners / 18 years, for 1.22. I picked “M: 1-2”.

Well over 6. I had years in my 20s that the number was at least 50 per year.

Mine was 3 people/14 years, FYI.

Wait, shit, I forgot somebody. Make that 4 people/14 years. New total: .28. Does not change my poll answer.

Didn’t do that right did I?


Shit I never read the OP of a poll, I just vote. It’s a bad habit. My answer is incorrect.

Whoops. Didn’t read the poll before voting. You might want to ask a mod to append “per year” to your thread title.

The correct answer for me is 1-2, but I put 6+.

Thanks for pointing that out. I’ve reported it.

Let me see…one partner ever in almost 50 years. (Apparently I’m not very attractive.) Oh wait, I’ve been married to her for 45 years.

Not quite what the poll demonstrates.

Six in 11 years.

It probably works out to around 10 per year as an average. (counting from the time I was 17)

I’m wondering if this would work better if we were told to discount periods during which we were married (or in monogamous relationships to partners we would have married, for our gay friends).

I’m pretty sure this would be a more interesting poll if you used a logarithmic scale. The difference between, say, 0.5 and 1 is a lot bigger than that between 5 and 6.

Lost virginity age 26. Have had 6 partners. Am 50.

0.05 (1 in 20)

I really don’t know what to answer. I had years from my teens 'til age 24 when I lost count. Since that time, however, I have had only 4 sex partners. I’ll be 50 in February.

So, for about 10 years, the number is probably >6 per year. Then for the next 26 years, the number is 0.15 per year.