How much time do you spend on the SDMB every day?

Based on the amount of interaction among us, some of you must spend hours each day. It takes time to read all the relevant posts, and more time to respond.

I spend about 30-40 min. each day just reading other posts.

By the way, do any of you find that this setting becomes a social life as important as real life?

  1. Waaaaaay too much. Anywhere from 15 minutes to four hours at the moment.

  2. Yes.

  1. 30 minutes to 2 hours

2)No. A social setting different from RL, yes. A part of RL, yes. But not more important. I’d rather give up SDMB than life.

Yup. I’d have to second the “waaaaaaay too much time” answer. And, I’m sort of in-between on the social life question. I’ve made some friends, here, that I cherish, even though we’ll probably never meet. I really enjoy my interactions with them, online. On the other hand, I’ve also started to meet some of the people from here in real life, and that’s even better.

It varies. Anywhere from 30 minutes to 3 hours, occasionally even longer, especially when I can’t sleep.

Workdays: I have my computer on from 8:30-5:00, so whenever I’m not being a “galley slave,” I am cruising through various news, historial research and humor sites–mostly this one. It’s my workday valium.

Weekends: I’ll check in two or maybe three times a day to a few sites, but only for five or ten minutes at a time.

Yep. And curiously, I’ve found that my time spent on the boards has increased since I started grad school. That wireless T1 connection when I’m on campus surely has something to do with it, as I’d never slack off. Really.

I average 2 hours a day or so.

2-5 hours.

I’m think about giving up sleeping.

I’d give up real life in a flash to be here full-time. But that’s the guy with no real life talking. :smiley:

These days, I spend about thrity minutes a day on the board. Back about two years or so ago I probably spent significantly more time than that per day here.

Nope. If I’m very busy in real life, I can forget about and ignore the SDMB for a few days or weeks without even thinking about it. The reverse is not true.

Perhaps 3 hours on and off. I haven’t really got much else to do :wink:

I am going to wait until someone posts who spends more time here than me before I mention my number.

Probably 2-3 hours, somedays more. Depends on what threads are up and about.

Usually not all at one time though, I keep it minimized and take SDMB breaks from work.

I check it several times on most days. (I open several windows and I can read fairly fast.)

Sometimes, I skip a day, but not often.

When TV is bad, I go Dope.

I IM friends at night and keep e-mail on for Dope notifications.

When I was down with the flu this winter, I spent all of three days on the Dope. Almost continuously.

On Wednesday (Star Trek Day), I sometimes spend up to six hours chatting in Cafe.

Lobsang, your turn.

Lately, not much. Mostly drive by postings.

I got “hooked” on the SDMB when I was really lovesick and needed to take my mind off things. Then I spent whole days here, now it’s usually an hour or so. Mostly lurking, though, which feels weird sometimes, because I feel like I know a lot of people who don’t know me a bit. It’s not like I’ll meet many anyway, being over here in Germany.

It’s kind of strange, too, when I talk about it in real life. People tend to look at you strangely when you say something like “You know, this guy on the message board I’m on, he said XY”.

Sometimes I’ll peek in from work, but that’s not a good thing to do. Maybe ten minutes on some days, and none on most from the work venue.

Home consumption runs to about 3 hours on a typical evening, but weekends can see 8-12 hours sometimes.

The social aspects? I’ve often thought that one of the true benefits of attending Dopefests is that going to one gets me off the board for a bit.

Five days a week I’m here from 7 or 8 am to noon and then in the evenings depending on what’s going on around me. Two days a week my husband plays Everyquest all day (12-14 hours.)

SDMB, specifically, I probably read about four hours a day… thirty to forty minutes at a time but I can go up to five or six on days when the Trek threads in Cafe Society are really busy.

No one has posted who is here more than me, but possibly no-one will so…

** 7 hours**
My work involves ‘babysitting’ a computer system, so there is a lot of time where there is nothing to do but use the internet. TV is crap, and most of the internet is crap, so dope is where I spend most of the time. My shift lasts 9 hours, I start browsing the boards about an hour into my shift, I stop at about 1 hour from finish (to back up the system and prepare it for the next day)

When I get home I spend about 10 minutes checking for new replies, and then go to bed.

I work nights so by the time I get home very few people are posting. And there’s the regular boards maintenance period.