How often do you post on Facebook each day?

My wife and I have a friend who posts constantly on Facebook, easily 10 times a day. It’s easy enough to just hide her posts, but she’s a lonely soul, and we try to be supportive. But the constant inane updates “I can’t find my stapler” and resharing of meme pictures get old very very fast. We aren’t aware of anyone else that posts this much in a day, and I was just curious as to what everyone else’s normal FB habits are.

I play games but maybe post once a week, I have friends that post 10-20 times a day. Idiot stuff like, “my cereal is soggy”, “it snowed”, and my favorite “up now”. The rest is sharing things that Snopes proves isn’t true.

I have a couple of friends on there who blast out nonstop meme pictures, to the tune of easily 10+ per day. Both are hidden from my feed. Ain’t nobody got time for that.

I have another friend, however, who posts a lot, but all of her posts are interesting, funny, or informative, and very light on the meme forwards. From her, I don’t mind seeing a lot of posts. So, the content matters.

I might post 2-3 times a day max, I think. I don’t really pay much attention. Never much more than that, though. These days I’m kind of shifting over to Tumblr, anyway.

edit: Yeah, the people who feel the need to announce every day when they have got up and when they are going to bed are mystifying to me. I don’t need to know that you’re turning in for the night. I am not hanging on your every word, waiting breathlessly for your next update. If you don’t post for 8 hours I will assume that you, like the rest of the human race, probably went to sleep. (Or, more likely, I will not think of you at all.)

Once or twice a week. Got a friend who posts the usual conservatard stuff, so I tend to knee-jerk react to some of his stuff.

You really need a choice between 0 and 1. Some weeks, I’ll check daily and either like or comment on other people’s posts. Some weeks I’ll check once or twice. Other weeks I give it a miss entirely. I start posts maybe once a month.

Yup - I realized that after I posted and went to vote on it myself. I average less than a post/day as well.

New updates or posts from my own page: I maybe average two a day. With some days being none at all and some day being several.

Responding to friends posts: depends on how much they are posting, maybe several responses to various friends daily.

I also have a training program I coordinate the local animal shelter that has a FB page. I am on there a lot updating info and responding to posts and questions and such.

I post about once a month, i.e., an average of 0.03 times per day, so 0 is the closest for me.

On average, 1-2/day, but that is mostly commenting on other stuff. There are some days I post much more prolifically, others not at all. My status updates are probably, on average, 1-2/week.

I try to limit status updates to one every other day. Some days I will have a link/share in the same day as a status update.

Yesterday I had 3 posts, Super-Bowl-related.

I don’t think I have many friends that over-share with status updates but I do have some friends who clearly log in for a bit, share a ton of links with little or no commentary, and log off, never sharing a lick about what is actually going on with them, just passing on other people’s junk.

I post very rarely, unless I’m someplace interesting. When I was in NYC, I posted about 4-5 times a day, but that was mainly check ins and pictures. For just normal day-to-day stuff, I post about once every two months.

Each day?

Should probably have options for less frequently than that. I think I posted 4-5 times in the last month, which would put me closer to zero.

Honest to goodness zero. I don’t have a Facebook page and have never had desire to have one, even back in the My Space days.

It varies, but I do tend to post more than less. I occasionally include pictures and memes but only if they really make my laugh. I do share articles I find informative. I try not to be too annoying, but I’m sure some find me too much and others don’t mind.

I guess I try to be thoughtful about what I post and try not to make it too stupid.

never even seen facebook

Fuck Facebook. 'Nuff said.

Depends on the day. On my personal account I sometimes don’t even post once a day. I have a page connected to my job, though, and I post and/or share other posts several times a day during work hours.

ETA: To those who have no use for Facebook, last fall I organized and promoted a brand new town event almost entirely by facebook and it turned out to be a nice little festival with about 30 vendors and very good attendance.

Varies. I’ll go a week without posting, then post 20 times in one day.

I also post on UnTapped, a social drinking app. Anyone else on UnTapped?

Same here. My posts usually generate discussion, even if it is just a picture of my dogs at play.

Facebook is great, depending on how you use it. The reality is that I wouldn’t nearly have as much contact with nieces and nephews and my cousins and sisters that live really far away if it wasn’t for Facebook. I also stay in contact with people form my past that I do care about but would probably never phone or write to on a regular basis.

We communicate multiple times a day over Facebook- some trivial stuff, some very important stuff that would be impossible to share as often without it. I can say in all sincerity that I’m closer to the day to day living of my friends and family now than I had been in the past, thanks to Facebook.

It’s worth dealing with whatever downside there is to get all that good stuff.

Mine, too. I usually don’t have many posts that don’t generate some hysterical (or interesting) conversation. My family and friends are really funny and good writers. I’ve had other friends comment on funny my family really is.