how to help someone, teenager, (online) who's brother has died

I spend time listening to people on a support website online. The person I am talking to now, she is 14?.. her brother just died of a heart attack. He was like 23. I usually don’t talk to teens on this site but due to my high number of people helped status sometimes teens seek me out. This person had asked advice last week about a previous issue. I thought I was not going to hear from them again and then today the sad news…

She seems in a bad mood, obviously.

She seems at the moment tired of talking about the situation with her brother, people were talking to her all day about it at school… the parents are at the funeral home making arrangements and other people are there watching the house.

So right now I am trying to talk about various random topics to get her mind off her brother, which, she seems to want to do at the moment.

I really don’t know how to help here…

It sounds like you’re doing the right thing – being there for her but not trying to solve anything, which you can’t do anyway. If she is comfortable talking to you about other things, she will talk about her brother when she needs to.