How would you feel about a boys only weekend trip?

Wives, would it bother you if your husband wanted to go on a weekend trip to nowhere on a touring bus with several other guys?
Husbands, would your wife let you go?

Here’s the deal. Hubby’s single friend has a birthday today. For his birthday, another friend offered up this bus. He runs a limo service that has the bus, it’s like a giant limo. It used to be some musician’s tour bus.
They will probably drink, gamble and watch questionable movies, sleep it all off, then come home.

The bus comes with a driver, who is not allowed to fraternize with the passengers. They will drive across the state and back.

I had no problem with the trip. My only request was that hubby not spend a huge amount of money, we’re trying to stay on a budget.

He tells me several of the other guys who were married either can’t go or lied to their wives about what they’re doing.

I’m gob smacked by this. I trust my partner. :eek:

A relationship w/o trust is no relationship. A little twinge of jealousy, from time to time, is OK to let your SO know you care, but keeping someone on a tether is usually counterproductive.
My first wife was constantly inventing infidelties for me, so I finally decided to try one. She was my ex soon after.

How bizarre! Well, I say ‘How bizarre’ but the reality is there are plenty of relationships where this sort of thing goes on. I just can’t imagine lying to my spouse about anything like this. It says a lot about those relationships.

Tethering happens. It is wrong and sad. Not being “allowed” to do something as a married person that would have been fine as an 18 year old college freshman is sad in my experience. This type of thing is why many people treat marriage as a role rather than something they love and try to slip things in behind the scenes.

Funny you should mention a little twinge. My husband is jealous of the math geek on the show Numb3rs, because I once said I thought he was cute. :smiley: It makes me laugh, but it also makes me smile.

Eh, my husband and his male relatives frequently go off on weekend hunting trips. Sometimes it’s for longer than a weekend. He owns a farm (technically, it’s half mine, too, Texas is a community property state), and he has a little cabin there, so they have a place to sleep that’s not absolutely freezing. When it’s not hunting season, he’ll take off and do maintenance on the farm. It’s not a question of me letting him do it, he’s an adult. If I want him around for the weekend for any reason, I let him know and he always, ALWAYS sticks around and helps me with whatever project I have in mind.

In a couple of weeks, I’m going to go visit my family for most of a week. He’s OK with this, and I’m sure he’ll watch a lot of TV while I’m gone, with preference given to shows that involve lots of explosions, car crashes, or nekkid wimmins. Or all three together, if possible. He doesn’t drink or party. As long as he’s willing to pet the cats while he’s watching TV, it’s good.

I’d be glad he wasn’t driving if he was determined to go on a beery road trip.

However, I would probably ask him to leave his magic money card (yes, this is what he calls his ATM card, which I think is enough said) at home and take cash to limit any gambling damage. He has got a hole in his pocket, and knows it.

My husband is this very weekend off in the middle Oregon mountain-biking with a bunch of guys (i.e., drinking a lot of beer, eating a lot of bacon, and loudly farting and laughing hysterically about it). I think there might be some ladies, too, though. In return I’m eating all the foods he can’t stand (grits, spam musubi, shrimp chips, etc) and drinking while grading papers and listening to the X-Ray Spex. Everybody wins!

I send mine off yearly with his brother and mutual friends. Come on, they need to have fun, too. But I don’t know if anyone will come in here and admit they tether. I know people who do, though.

Yes indeed. I like the “magic money card” sometimes I think he does believe money just appears whan he wants it.
He asked me to take any temptation out of his wallet this morning. I took out the credit/debit cards and put in $100. That should get him through, and it’s what we can afford.

I wish my husband would do things like this. He’s really a great guy, but he has no idea how to relax. A weekend with the boys would be great for him.

Once or twice a year, my husband’s friend calls and invites him to go to his cabin in upstate NY, for snowmobiling, drinking, and general guy bonding. I wave “bye-bye,” usually while he’s still on the phone. I love my husband dearly, but sometimes it’s nice to have him go away for a couple of days.

I did protest once, because I was eight months pregnant at the time. I think that was understandable, though.

Sure is understandable. I’d be trying to get away from you too! :smiley:


Ah, Charlie Eppes.

For harmony in your household, may I suggest you not watch “Supernatural”? Even my husband gets tired of me mooning over Dean!

Anyway, I’d love it if my husband did more things with his friends. He can be something of a hermit, and he needs to cultivate his friends more, like leetle cabbages.

My wife would let me go. Heck, when she’s wanted some time to herself, she has been known to suggest that I go to the horse race track or the golf course for the afternoon. This would be a little bit longer than an afternoon, but she’d be glad to hear that we’d be helping our buddy celebrate safely for a couple of days.

Of course, my wife might have a couple of caveats: don’t come home falling-down-drunk (though hung over might be OK), don’t spend an absurd amount of money on beer, and don’t lose too much money in a poker game. Still, I could live with those; they are reasonable.

But I would never lie to my wife about my plans, and I wouldn’t have to seek her permission for this kind of trip.

My husband let me and my bookclub go to Vegas.

I’ve let him go to Chicago for concerts.

Not a problem.

My wife has always been supportive of my taking guy trips with my friends and vice versa. My buddies and I go to Key West every year (since 1993) from Thursday to Sunday in early November (yes, I’m getting excited about this year’s trip.) It is understood that we will be drinking, playing poker, smoking, cussin’, telling lies and generally hanging out all night on Duval Street. We may or may not fish one day.

She takes off with the girls to the beach each summer and I take my turn with the kids alone. I think white wine is involved on the girl trips, but thats about all I can find out. :slight_smile:


Can we switch spouses? My wife hates X-Ray Spex! :smiley:

So mine isn’t a husband, but a boyfriend, and his buddies have been surprised at what he is “allowd” to do. He will take off and go to the lake with his family and his friends on his weekends off. The last time he called me to tell me all of his buddies were shocked that I let him go without me. Sure I would have loved to go to the lake, but I had to work. You have to let them have fun or they will, like the OP mentioned, just lie to you about what they are doing. My boyfriend has told me multiple times that he is very happy that I don’t care when him and his buddies go out because if I did there probably wouldn’t be a future for us.

I saw the thread title and was shouting, “I’m up for it! When do we leave?”