HUGE Inspection at Work

So I have been dreading an impending inspection at work for the last four months. My boss has been telling me how difficult it will be, explaining that the inspector will checks my records for the last year, and generally raise havok in my office. This inspection is one of the deciding factors in my chances for promition next year.

Fast forward to today…

Inspector comes in, looks at my records for the las WEEK, says, “Let’s go to lunch”, and declares the inspection a 100% success.

YEAH!!! I can now have a life again and actually get to see my family and have a better than even chance of getting promoted next year.

Anyway, I needed to share this mundane, pointless stuff and I have no one in my line of work to share with, so there it is .


I’m glad everything went well. I hate having something hanging over me like that.

Man! I can feel the echo of your relief from here. The last week’s papers must have looked pretty good. Congrats.

Thanks. The funny thing is, last weeks records weren’t the best. I am just glad that it is over.