Hunting for a Bar - A Transatlantic MMP

As promised, here are the tales of my trip to New York, and there’s even some pics to go along with it. Although I did take the camera on a couple of days, most of the time I was busy playing tourist and gawping at stuff, far to busy to take photos of it!

We had an afternoon flight from Heathrow which was good because we landed at JFK at 7.30pm so it was early enough to go out and do something in the evening. We got a cab from the airport to our hotel, got checked in and unpacked, the decided to head out for a walk. We spent a couple of hours walking around the streets and stopped off for a snack at a Mexican place because we didn’t really want to bother with a full meal.

On our first full day, we were up reasonably early and decided to go and pound the streets a bit more, this time in the opposite direction. We stopped for coffee and to devise a plan, then went and got 7-day passes for the subway which would help us get to all the places we wanted to see.

In the afternoon, we had booked a Circle Line cruise for 3hrs around Manhattan which was great - the guide was extremely knowledgeable and told us a lot of stuff the guide books never have room for. We went past this and this as well as this, and realised that the sea was that way!

After the boat trip, we headed back towards the hotel and went walking again, in search of a bar. I have to confess we weren’t too successful when it came to finding bars, very strange given ‘im indoors’ skills at detecting beer! Anyway, we found one and beers were consumed.

The next day we walked from the hotel up towards Columbus Circle and Central Park, and found some rather old rocks to look at as well as lots of trees.

In the afternoon we had booked to go to the Rockefeller Centre and the Top of the Rock, from which it is indeed a long way down!

The next day, we had pretty much nothing planned so we headed down to Chinatown where there were a huge number of people around, squawking their litany of “handbag, rolex, handbag, rolex?” trying to sell fake designer goods. It was very busy down there and to be honest the crowds were so dense it was quite difficult to walk so we headed up a side street and found a small park where there was a Chinese band playing something quite soothing. We listened to them for a while (and consulted the street map) before heading back towards the thronging masses.

A little detour took us from Chinatown to Little Italy where there was a huge street fair for the feast of San Gennaro - more crowds but at least this time there was pizza and cheap red wine!

After an afternoon of walking around, we went back to the hotel for a rest and then headed out in search of food. This time it was Maui Tacos, a strange combination but very good, and there were cocktails too so that wasn’t a bad thing. We headed off for some more walking, this time down to the Flatiron Building to look at the very peculiar construction, and of course just as we got there, 'im indoors managed to sniff out a bar. A few drinks later, we headed back out again, having realised that the Empire State Building was still open at 1am and people were up there photographing the city lights.

The following day, we went to Woodbury Common for most of the day, which I have to say was a complete waste of time. Still, it gave him a chance to further indulge his love of junk food with Philly cheesesteak. More bar-hunting ensued, and we ended up at the Houndstooth Pub where we spent a very pleasant evening chatting to the Russian barmaid and a couple of guys who were on a bachelor party but the groom had already been packed off home! One of the guys is a soldier, deploying to Afghanistan later this month, he gave us his email address and we’ve been chatting on MSN a bit since then.

What else did we do? We pottered around on the subway, picking a line and randomly getting off at various points to see what there was to see! Greenwich Village was on the list, and a very pleasant lunchtime in Washington Square Park. It was interesting just to wander around some residential areas for a change, and the leafy streets were quite a change from the bustle of the city. We also headed down to Battery Park to look at the memorials, and the Staten Island Ferry which was another opportunity for messing about on the water.

All too soon it was time to pack up and go home, my final day’s treat was a trip to Barnes & Noble to stock up on reading material - I usually go there with a list of books that I want which aren’t out in softcover in the UK for quite a while. Besides, I had a 70kg luggage allowance to make the most of!

We had lunch and a few beers in the Heartland Brewery, trying out some of their brews and kind of looking forward to being back home where we know how to find all the good pubs!

So, there you are, my little trip to your side of the Pond. Have at it!

First! w00t!

Gotta purtify for work.

Cool pics.

So far one of the worst parts of being self-employed is the amounts of accountants and legal advisors who don’t know the laws they’re supposed to apply. There’s things that only a few professional services (including lawyers and accountants) are supposed to do, but they think everybody must do it. Learn to effing read, morons!

Yay! Thanks, BooFae, for the neat tales of your vacation to NYC and the cool pics to go with it. Sounds like you really enjoyed yourselves and didn’t get too caught up in the crowds, so you got to see a bit of the real charms of the city.

I’m up and caffeinating … that’s about as far as I can go right now, on Monday morning. :smiley: Happy Monday all!

Very nice, boofae, however there are no pictures of you. :confused:

Nava, I can think of lots of other problems with being self-employed. :smiley: However, I wouldn’t have it any other way.:stuck_out_tongue:

Blasphemy. :wink:

This weekend was my monthly fire school trip to Kinston, which is about 100 miles one way. The actual class was boring, so I won’t pass along the tedious details. The `point of mentioning it, however, is that making the trip eats into a large chunk of my weekend time, and I deliberately waved off on ambulance duty for the weekend as a result.

Didn’t stop them. I got a call literally while taking my written exam asking for me to take the Zone Car for the night, and that it was urgent because nobody else was available. :rolleyes: Okaaaaaaay, I reluctantly took it. VWife Was Not Amused.

I got home mid-afternoon, and drawing duty changed dinner plans. We decided that I’d get a calzone from one of the local establishments when I went to pick up the Zone Car.

Picked up the Zone Car, picked up dinner, and as I was pulling out of the restaurant parking lot, I checked in as available for duty.

“Zone 1, stand by.” Damn, here it comes.

“Respond to a 55 year old female with difficulty breathing.”

So much for eating pizza-like comestibles with my wife. The call was on the other side of the county, and I had to pass by the station on the way, so the ambulance waited for me. I called home, and practically begged VWife to come to the station and get the calzone out of the parked and unlocked Zone Car so at least she could eat. Naaah, she’d rather leave it and bitch at me for taking a call. More :rolleyes:.

Our patient was sitting on the porch, and it was obvious she wasn’t having a true respiratory problem.

“Ma’am, do you have a history of panic attacks?”

“Yeah. I’m an alcoholic and addicted to vicodin. I haven’t had any pills in about 3 days.”

Well, that would explain the panic attack, she was going through withdrawal. She had fibromyalgia, and was unemployed. Since she couldn’t afford a doctor, she self-medicated with booze and black market pills. Certainly understandable given her circumstances.

We loaded her in back, and started with the exam. Her lungs were clear, confirming to me that this wasn’t respiratory. Chuck started an IV, and I held her other hand while he did the stick. That’s something I do as part of my bedside manner for those in great pain or scared, meant to provide comfort. She held on tight, and was reluctant to let go.

Chuck drove, and I stayed in back. Holding her hand seemed to calm her down; her BP and respiratory rate dropped. She wouldn’t stay completely still, though, Her hands moved around a lot, and brushed my wedding tackle. Okay, She didn’t punch me, like I’ve seen happen before, and avoided myself on occasion. We talked so I could get needed history and information, I added a little harmless flirtation to elicit a smile from her, and she brushed my junk again. And again. And yet again for about 5 total gropes. I most definitely didn’t encourage it, but I didn’t make an issue, either. I might have actually enjoyed it if I didn’t have an old drunk addict going through withdrawal.

After dropping her off at the hospital in Bugtussel, Chuck and I were coming back and barely within Cottonfield County when we were paged again, for an old guy with chest pain. Chuck cussed a blue streak, because he was theoretically off-duty from the day shift, and he wanted to go home. That call went OK, and we got back to the station about 8:30. I went home with my now cold calzone.

It must have been the full moon that brings out the redneck mentality of “Let’s get drunk and beat the hell out of each other.” I was asleep at home around midnight when the page went out for an assault. We picked up a guy who was stabbed in the right temple with a screwdriver. Routine transport for him.

We got back to the station, and had a silent page for yet another assault. This one was a chick fight, and the perp was someone notorious in the county for belligerent behavior and an all-round bad girl. She and her posse went after the patient, and the bad girl hit the victim with something that left a 4 inch long laceration starting over her left eye, running diagonally down over the bridge of her nose and ending by her right nostril. I cleaned her up a bit, gave her a big was of gauze to hold over her injury, and she went to the hospital in a personal car. She’ll have a nasty scar.

I think I’ll have to play Yosemite Sam sometime regarding extra duties. “When I says no, I means NO!”

:frowning: Cannot see your personal pics, boofae cause work has the site blocked. But it sounds like you had a good time trapsing around the big apple. I did the river cruise when I was in high school and found it very interesting.

bobbio, but how was the cold calzone??? :wink:

My weekend started with some scruptious Sicilian deep dish pizza from a place we hadn’t tried before. Boy was that good!

Saturday I caved and bought a no frills Singer sewing machine at Chez Target. My boy has my other one at his house and it’s a pain to get it back so it’s now his. Happy early birthday present, boy. :wink:

I’m taking Thursday and Friday off this week cause my brother is coming to town and I want to just be able to hang with him. Last I checked I have 104 hours of vacation time so I’m going for it.


AAAARGH. Allergies are in overdrive as of this morning. My attempts to breathe and prevent my nose from running straight of my face are resulting in a symphony of honking and sniffling and wheezing… I’m sure my coworkers are thoroughly grossed out at this point.

Can haz frost, plz? kthx.

Sounds like a lovely trip, BooFae! I love NYC in the fall, when it’s not ridiculously stinkin’ hot… The Boy and I did a five-day escape there last fall and thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

Vundy, sounds like a rather eventful weekend. So glad mine didn’t come anywhere near that level of errr… interestingness.

K. I’m gonna go wallow in misery until the antihistamines kick in, at which point I will contemplate doing some actual work. Honk honk honk.

Wanted to say hi. Will read after my grading is done this morning.

Uh, cold. :stuck_out_tongue: I have a valid man card, so I like cold pizza.

Morning. Looks like a great trip, BooFae! Glad you had fun.

Interesting weekend, bobbio!

Very tired weekend here so we didn’t do much. We had a Greek cooking class at the community center on Firday night, which was fun and good food. But that threw off the weekend schedule and my normal “spend Firday evening on the sofa unwinding from the week” plans. Which left me pretty tired.

KT made gumbo yesterday, first time for the season, which was really good. But it also gave us an excuse to stay home all afternoon - the gumbo’s got to be on the stove for hours and someone’s got to watch it, right? Or at least “watch” it from the couch with a good book.

Two new coworkers starting today. That’ll be cool. We’re going out for a big team lunch tomorrow with these two new folks plus the new person who started last week. It’s getting so I don’t recognize anyone when I walk down the hall!

Howdy all. Nice OP, BooFae! Sounds like you had fun in NYC!

Busy kind of day, with the usual crap at work. Nothing exciting to report. HRH’s conversion into wearing knickers all the time is moving along, with night-time accidents limited to those nights when she has too much to drink too close to bedtime, or I don’t enforce the “wee-wee before sleep” rule. Most nights though, she uses the “I need to wee” thing at least 4 times after lights out to put off the inevitable!

So first Bobbio had the quality of his calzones verified, and then he ate calzone… appears to have been a very calzonish night.

Uni email (which was down last week) has finally returned. There are a number of mini “job fairs” in town, I may drop by one or two (one of the interesting ones is at the uni). In general terms I’m not interested into going back to working for other people, but these are the kind of companies which do hire freelancers.

And I missed the library sessions on how to prepare an annotated bibliography, which I wouldn’t give a hoot about (I know how to make those) except we need to prepare one for grade, so I have to make sure I get the formats they like and so forth. Emailed the librarian begging pretty please for any written materials she gave out. I suspect I won’t have been the only one who missed the training, though. And I’d really like to know whose bright idea was it to have the training on class requirements take place outside of class, thank you.

I don’t know about “good” but if you can ever arrange to come to Pittsburgh I could keep you drunk for a month and never have two drinks in the same bar. We got bars. Lots of bars. Each with amazing amounts of booze. I know from the extensive research I’ve done in the 35 years I’ve been here. There is something to be said for any region that rebelled against the central government over whiskey.

That’s it, Pittsburgh is next on my list of places to visit!

You have to understand that where I live, the bars are large and very obvious. It was extremely strange wandering the streets looking for a bar and not really seeing anything that remotely looked like one. We did find a few but we’re usually of the view that in a new city we should be making the most of the attractions and shouldn’t stick to one bar all the time. In that respect, NY was a little disappointing.

Rosie, if Woodbury Common had a bar, it would have been so much better!

Okay, yes, I know I keep disappearing. I’m very, very sorry. I’m also posting from work, which I should not do. :slight_smile:


BooFae, if I had decided to hop into last week’s MMP, I might have had a minute or two to come into the city and meet you guys, but since I don’t really know where any bars are, either, I’d have been of very little help.

Bobbio, I say you take your gropes where you can get 'em. But do you know what happened to the guy who took a screwdriver to the head? Yeowch.

Puggy, how much did the sewing machine run you? I need a new one, or my Halloween costume will never get made … but I can’t quite justify the expense.

Nice pics, BooFae.

I stayed home today because my back has not improved at all. Going to the bathroom is poor torture because the toilet is low. My poor dog needed water this morning and I didn’t think I’d ever get down low enough without yelping pain to pick his bowl up. I managed, and he’s watered and fed, but ye gods I hurt.

The good news is that my group didn’t have to report for jury duty today. I don’t think I’ll be so lucky for tomorrow.

I am hoping that by tomorrow morning, I will at least be able function somewhat normally.

The insurance adjuster called this morning. My daughter’s car is considered a total loss. He stopped writing up the estimate to repair it when it hit $4,600.00. So, we’re getting a check for around $2100.0. The car is a 95 with lots of miles, so I guess that’s fair. It’ll help toward the cost of a replacement car anyway.

Nice to see you again, Drae.

Stitches; he walked into the ER from the ambulance. He was lucky, because the temple is the thinnest part of the skull, and can be broken with a strong fist.

No stictches here. jJust a temporarily unusable hand thanks to a kitchen acceident.

Leave it to me to like sharp knives, and to keep them sharp. So, as I’m merrily chiffonading some basil yesterday, something feels different. About a sixth of the nail and the rest of the tip of my index finger is missing now. Nothing to stitch - just a broad open flat spot now. Stings like ten thousand wasps. Might hurt less if I just amputated the finger at the first knuickle.

As you can see, typing is a challenge. Ow, ow ow…