hvað fékkstu í morgunmat?

látum okkur nú sjá, ég vaknaði frekar seint í dag…þannig að ég er að hugsa um að kalla hádegismatinn minn morgunmat. þannig get ég fengið mér hádegismat seinna í dag og svo framvegis, missti ekki af neinu.
annars fékk ég fisk og kartöflur, með svona kryddsmjöri og sítrónu :slight_smile:

en allavegana, hér verður ekki hlustað á neina sem tala á ensku, reynt verður eftir bestu getu að tala við fólk á öllum öðrum tungumálum en ensku.

rules for this thread: this will be the first and last posting in english. please ignore it after you have read it (i wish i could explain the rules to you in a different manner), but here we will promptly ingnore any english speaking person. you are encouraged to post in any other language, even though few will understand you it wont matter. the purpose of this thread is to tell other people how the weather is where you live, what you had for breakfast etc.

please enjoy :slight_smile:

Je ne comprends pas. Pourquoi? L’anglais, c’est le langue plus common pour le communication internationale, n’est-ce pas?

Ég fékk mér tvær skálar af kerloggs sérstaka k-inu og hefði getað fengið mér meira ef það hefði verið til. Síðan þá hef ég bara nærst á kaffi. Veðríð hérna á íslandi er búið að stórbatna síðan í gær og á ábyggilega eftir að verða helvíti gott á morgun :slight_smile:

règles pour ceci amorçage: ceci premier et dernier signaler dans anglais s’il vous plaît ignorer après que vous avoir lire (je souhaiter je pouvoir expliquer règle vous dans un différent façon), mais ici volonté prompt ingnore tout d’expression anglaise personne vous encourager pour signaler dans tout autre langage, quoique peu comprendre vous wont matière but ce amorçage pour dire autre personne comment temps où vous vivre, ce qui vous avoir pour petit etc…

Richtlinien für dieses Gewinde: dies werden sein d erst und letzt bekanntgeben in englisch bitte ignorieren es nachdem Sie haben lesen es (ich wünschen ich können erklären d Richtlinie zu Sie in ein unterschiedlich Weise), aber hier wir Wille sofortig ingnore irgendein englischsprechend Person Sie sein anregen zu bekanntgeben in irgendein ander Sprache, obwohl wenig werden verstehen Sie es wont Stoff d Zweck von dies Gewinde sein zu erklären ander Leute wie d Wetter sein wo Sie leben, was Sie haben für Frühstück usw…

regole per questo filetto: questo essere primo e ultimo invi inglese prego ignor esso dopo che voi legg esso (io desider io pot spieg regola voi un differente modo), ma qui noi volontà rapido ingnore qualsiasi anglofono persona voi essere consigli per invi qualsiasi altro linguaggio, anche se poco cap voi esso wont materia scopo questo filetto essere per di altro gente come tempo essere dove voi viv, che cosa voi per primo ecc.

réguas para isto linha: este est primeiro e último afix inglês por favor ignor depois que você t l (eu desej eu poss explic régua você um diferente maneira), mas aqui nós vontade alerta ingnore algum inglês fal pessoa você est incentiv para afix algum outro língua, mesmo que pouco compreend você wont matéria finalidade este linha est para dig outro pessoa como tempo est onde você viv, que você t para pequeno etc…

reglas para esto cuerda de rosca: éste ser primero y pasado fijar en inglés por favor no hacer caso él después de que usted tener leer él (yo desear yo poder explicar regla usted en uno diferente manera), pero aquí nosotros voluntad pronto ingnore cualquier inglés hablar persona usted ser animar para fijar en cualquier otro lenguaje, aunque poco entender usted él wont materia propósito este cuerda de rosca ser para decir otro gente cómo tiempo ser donde usted vivir, qué usted tener para desayuno etc.

verði ykkur að góðu

No me importa si quieres hablar en lenguas extranas. Per, todo el mundo sabe que el ingles es la lingua franca del mundo. Si no te importa que no seras comprendido, habla su lengua.

Y no olvides, esta Web Site esta en los EEUU. Aqui hablamos ingles. Si esto no te gusta, debes buscar una site en su lengua.

A Elbereth Gilthoniel, silivren penna míriel o menel aglar elenath! Na-chaered palan-díriel o galadhremmin ennorath, Fanuilos, le linnathon nef aear, sí nef aearon!


Bonjour, ma langue est normallment anglais , mais je peux essayer une autre langue pour aujourdui…ici c’est presque 1h pm, il mais pas si beau que normal et Je vais maitenant allez trouver ma lunch(sp)…Je pense que une chien chaud m,attend…
CDTEXTHAVEN…comment vous pouvez parler en francais…cest normal en Philedelphie?moi, Jai prix le francais comme deuxiem langue en ecole (grade sept au 12ieme) et vouz?
ici, en Nouveau Brunswick, le plupart du monde peuvent parler au moins un peu de francais, on parle un form de francais on s’ appelle FRANGLAIS… ca va comme ca…
“On va a la beach ce weekend…”
“Je vais beker des cookies”
cest bien fun ca!!

Isthay eadthray akesmay emay ishway Iay adhay uckstay ithway ymay Enchfray oray Ussianray udiesstay inay ollegecay.

Thubis Ubbis Stuboopubid. Plubeeze rubeefrubain frubom cubontubinyubooing frubom pubostubing tuboo thubbis thrubead ubin fuborubbin lubangubwubbagges.

le francais n’est pas une langue ‘foreign’,
je pense que le ‘pig latin’ que vous avez utilize, cest parfait pour vous decrire.
merci. :stuck_out_tongue:
(does anyone want to translate for cretin #1, and his pal cretin numero deux.)

Mistake #1: The fact that I did take college-level French means I can probably translate for myself.

Mistake #2: Why don’t you maybe go see about a sense-of-humor transplant? Your condition may be terminal unless acted upon immediately.

tomndeb: ROTFLMAO :smiley:

Hier schient die Sonne und es ist sehr warm…Ich esse kein Fruehstueck, aber zum Mittagessen ass ich ein belegtes Brot und trank ein Kirschcola.

P.S. Wie tipped(sp?) man Umlauts usw?

well…I guess you told me!
but gee, if you are college educated, wouldn’t that make you a bit more tolerant to experssing oneself in languages besides pig latin…where did you go to school…Homer J Simpson Community College?
see, there is nothing wrong with MY sense of humor…try yours, here is a simple test…If you have to chuckle a bit at the homer crack, you are probably ok, if you are sitting there cursing me, chill man…no offense.
ps go get a big drink of chocolate milk, if that cant cheer you up, well, it will, so dont just sit there…go!

Please quote me back exactly, verbatim, the passage in which I say I am not tolerant of people expressing themselves in other languages; as opposed to my saying, “This thread makes me wish I had stuck with my French and Russian studies in college.” If you can find no such statement, I accept your chagrined apology in advance and recommend reading comprehension courses in addition to the aforementioned humor transplant.

Oh yes, and I’ve probably forgotten more about The Simpsons than you ever knew, so there.

And finally, if you can’t stand the heat, stay out of the Pit.

You are so completely absolutely right, consider me chagrined!..I should have directed my comments to cretin #2
gotta admit though the homer crack was funny…
is that where can I register for that reading comprehension course in pig latin?

sorry to hear about your memory condition…Alsheimers?(sp)

I actuall took a year of Russian too, all I really remember is mina zavut kelli, kak va zavut?
oh and I can take the heat…did you try the chocolate milk yet?
smile man, life is dreadfully short.

J’essayais seulement d’être plein d’humour. Certains qui parlent français pensent qu’ils sont meilleurs que d’autres. Vous n’avez aucun sens de l’humour. D’ailleurs, je ne suis pas un crétin.

“Jésus m’aime, ceci que je sais, parce que la bible m’indique ainsi.”

Hey bjOrn!!!

Since you let yourselv be fooled into posing this #$&$$# topic then a least let someone explain it to normal people…

It’s called inferiorety complex. A very common Idaho in Iceland. You see…
Everybody made fun off his writing and in stead off ignoring it, laugh and keep going he got so upset that he went all the way to here. ( Since no one else wanted to explain it to him anymore )…

My guess is that he is sitting in front off his computer right now watching the screen thinking “what the fuck have I done”!!!

Have a nice day


Hey, Sox, you know what they say: Chacon ses gouts. Nice job rendering your sig into French, though!

Anyway, Kelli, I only took one quarter of first-year Russian about 8 years ago, so I can remember (phonetically rendered, of course):

“Minya zavut Philip Davidovich Dennison. Kak zavut?”

“Shto eta?”

“Da svedanya”

“Dobriy dyen”

“Dobriy vyecher.”



As far as French is concerned, I could probably ask for and understand directions in Montreal or Paris, but I won’t be reading Proust anytime soon. To make things worse, my family was stationed overseas from 1976-79, during which time I spoke enough German to get around quite well; but after moving back Stateside, I promptly forgot it all and never had an opportunity to relearn it.

Jamen, Thorleifur, hvorfor siger du det? Jeg synes det er en meget sjov “Thread”. Det er underholdende at se hvem svarer og hvordan.
En allavega þá fékk ég mér ristaða brauðsneið með reyktum laxi. Og Neskvikk með. Svo fór ég í vinnuna. Das Wetter war gut. Die Sonne scheint, und es war warm. Den “Thread” macht spas.

Thorleifur–actually, I think it’s pretty cool of bj0rn to start this thread. I still haven’t the faintest idea what bj0rn is saying, but now it’s my problem.